Baby Cruz

Introducing our Precious Nephew Cruz. We love you baby boy!! We can't wait to meet you!


It's a BOY!

My sister Brooke just had another Boy! Brooke and Jason welcomed to the world...Cruz Henry Paulin...born today at 8:08 am weighing 6lb 4 oz! We are so excited!!! And surprised (I thought she was going to have a girl). Ty is going to be so happy to have a "Bubba". Mame' is flying up to Colorado now. Hopefully we can make it there in October sometime.
All these boys!! My dad "Pops" says that he was blessed with all girls so that he could have grandsons...he is right about that =)
I will post pics when Jason sends to us.

Brooke and I showing off our prego bellies at my shower.
Our baby boys are 6 weeks apart!

Ty will soon find out he is a big brother!


1 Month

Charlie is one month old in this picture taken with my phone (9/13/09). He is growing fast, and has his first pediatrician checkup on Tuesday 9/22. He is starting to smile and coo, and has taken his first bath. We are making bath time part of his nightly routine, and he really enjoys it. We have had technical difficulties downloading pictures from the camera to the computer, so our blogging has been slowed down. Hopefully we can figure out the problem and post our updates more often-Craig


3 weeks ...

Here are some updated pictures of our sweet and precious little man. He is doing great...loves his swing, holds his head up, loves outside, loves rocking in the rocking chair both outside and inside, loves to eat, loves being held, practices using his lungs once a day-sometimes for 20 minutes and sometimes for 3-4 hours, loves stroller rides, and his mommy and daddy adore him!