Hello! Hello!  I havent posted in a while now- LOTS going on !!!
  • Our most exciting news is that Charlie is going to be a Big Brother! We found out in May- On our anniversary! God def had this one planned for us! The babies will be 17-18 months apart. We are due Jan.25th and are looking forward to adding to the Kingrea Crew!
  • We bought a new house (not knowing that we were expecting #2 on the way) and have been very busy updating it, we sold our house in 2 months (thank you Lord) and just moved in the new house 1-1/2weeks ago with lots still left to do. It has been hectic and we are living around boxes but slowly it is coming together. It has just been hard on me b/c when I get home from work I am so exhaused that I am not too helpful with organizing and unpacking!- 1st trimester kills ya! However, our amazing family has been helping us tons!
  • Craig changed PT jobs and is now doing Home Health Physical Therapy and seems to really be enjoying it! He can make his own schedule so it is really nice!
  • Also- Last night Charlie took like 8 steps- He will be walking any day now!! His first birthday is coming up on Aug.13th- need to plan his party!
  • Other new things in the world of Charlie- He is blowing kisses, saying "no, no", he points to eyes and nose and light when you ask him, loves watermelon and blueberries, has 2 top teeth and 2 bottom and lots more coming in, says "uh oh", & claps all the time/does pat a cake...
Anyway - I will post more later but that's our little update on our busy life right now!
Here are a few pics I will leave you with! Have a wonderful day!