Joy to the World the Lord has Come!

We hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas! We sure did!
God Bless you all and we wish you all the best for 2012!
Kristin, Craig, Charlie, & Lily Reese


Adenovirus + Lily Reese = Night in Hospital

Sweet Little Reese came down with a horrible fever the week before last and ended up in the ER. It started Saturday night so we gave her Motrin throughout the night, when her fever went down we felt OK. The next day, she was still not her self. We were not over worried, so we were out and about but quickly realized we needed to get her home. It had definitely progressed. She was a little hot potato! I ran her down to an Urgent Care around 5:00, they couldn't take her due to her age so we went to St. Tammany ER. They nurse took us back to triage and she had 104.5 fever and was very dehydrated!! The nurses were worried so they brought us straight back for an IV of fluids. IT WAS SO SCARY. I was so happy to see Aunt Sue aka Dr. Craig on duty (Craig's aunt, LR's great aunt). She kept me calm and told me that LR had a virus and that we would have to stay overnight due to it. At about midnight they took us up to Peds. We were the only ones and they took great care of us. At 1:00 am (7 hours after being there) my sweet baby was acting like herself again. I tried her in the crib but she wanted nothing to do with it (which I was fine with because she was in my arms allllll night)!  We were up and down all night with nurses coming in. Oh and she had the IV on her arm that she sucks her thumb =( . I mean shouldn't I have realized that when they were sticking her with that stupid needle!!
We were released the next day at 2pm. She has been doing fine!
It was scary but she was a little trooper!!

When we arrived!

Poor little angel
(she looks so big in this pic)

Her IV with the board backing it

1 am in the crib starting to act her self!

Mommy you are crazy if you think I am sleeping in this jail house crib!

The next morning, exhausted but feeling better!
(sporting christmas socks 4 sizes too big that the nurses gave to her since we had no extra clothes with us)

On a better note, Last Friday Craig's Mom (CZ is what the babies call her =) had all her best friends out to a wonderful lunch. Reese was finally feeling better so I took her out!
Her first Christmas outing!

My silly little elf excited to eat his santa cookie that we brought back to him from CZ's lunch


Charlie the Ring Bearer!

Charlie was in his first wedding this past weekend! Suzanne, Craig's cousin, got married and she asked Charlie to be the ring bearer. We were so honored. It was such a fun few days.
Suzanne looked beautiful!!! And we are happy to welcome Paul to our family! Unfortunatly, I do not have pictures of the bride and groom- only videos!
For the rehearsal Charlie walked all the way down and when he got the end of the aisle all the groomsmen were hooting and hollering for him, telling him good job and all Charlie could think to scream is "LSU go Tigers". It was hilarious! If only his Daddy could have heard him =). I prayed he would not scream that while at the wedding and Thank the Lord he didn't! He did such a good job, walked v-e-r-y slow and kept looking at everyone in their seats and smiling. He danced on the dance floor and then not long after passed out in daddy's arms.

How precious is that outfit- Love it!
Oh Christmas Tree
Mame', Charlie, mommy and Molly (and baby).
Charlie and Elizabeth. Charlie just kept starring at her when he first saw her. It was adorable.
Charlie and Mommy- Charlie was eyeing the cake!

Charlie playing with Daddy's shows the next morning.
Peek a Boo- we found you.
Precious angel passed out indian style.
Sweetest dreams



We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at Aunt Molly ("Uncle Molly" as Charlie says) and Uncle Clay's house. They are all moved in and settled at their new home so they decided to have everyone over (Their house looks amazing! They have been renovating an old house in downtown Covington over the past 6 months and we are all so proud of it)!
Anyway, Charlie said the opening prayer which was precious (followed by Uncle Bob's prayer). The food was delish and we had a fun day visiting with all of our families.
We are so very Thankful to have a wonderful Family that is always there for us and always willing to help out, Incredible Friends, Healthy, Happy (and adorable) Children, Unconditional love for one another, and the love of Christ who keeps reminding us of the important things in life.
We are truly BLESSED!

Bay's First Thanksgiving

My lil Pumpkin
(who never looks at the camera!)

Clay, MawMaw (Clay' grandma), & Molly
My Aunt Jane and Uncle Bob at the far end
Maw Maw, Mame', (my mama) CZ (Craig's mom), & Clay's mom

Tried to get a picture of our sweet babies but it is never easy!
Say Turkey!
Mommy and Lily Reese
Trying on Aunt Molly's boots
Typical Morning in the Kingrea kitchen, gearing up for the day
Our little piggie
Worn out!


Fall Happenings

Where does the time go! This month seems to be flashing past us! I don't know about you all but we just can not get over that Thanksgiving is here (which means Christmas is right around the corner..ahh). This is my very busy time at work so things have been a bit hectic. We are also finally painting the exterior of our house. We are thrilled! It was brown stucco and brick and it is all changing to cream!! We are also painting the trim in a soft gray & we are putting up shutters that are being painted a pretty warm gray. I also found very cool light fixtures at an estate sale that we will put up. It is all coming together.
Let's see ... over the past month Craig was invited to the LSU Bama game by his boyfriend friend, Mikey! The # 1 and #2 team playing and they got to stand on the field next to the tigers! Craig was so pumped and had a great time. Thank you Mikey! We have had birthday parties, football parties, baby showers, Brooke and Cruz in town to visit, visits to great grandma Margy's house, and a very exciting night finding out that we will be an aunt and uncle to a NIECE!!!
We hope everyone has a Blessed Thanksgiving week!
Our sweet and calm baby is turning into a Wild child!
Climbing Mt.Daddy
Me and My Aunt Brooke who I miss so much!
Lil Chipmunk.
If we go to a restaurant, we put rice or peas in front of her and it keeps her occupied and happy!
Loving My Sis!
Charlie tries to hug and pick up Reese constantly. He is so sweet and loves her so much!
Dr. Charlie is passed out!
Caught you again... your favorite place- Maysie's kennel!
Charlie and Cruz. They adore each other and have so much fun together!
We just wish Ty could have been in town too!
Say Cheese! Sweet baby Cruz!
Pushing and walking behind her Lion!
This mirror is so pretty!! =)
Having  a blast playing at the discovery center for Cousin Blake's 3rd birthday (my cousin's son).
Dr. Charlie at it again- always trying to make people better and kiss bobo's.
Discovery Center for Blake's bday.
Visiting my Great Grandmother Margy. I love her!
Reading books with Grandaddy at Margy's house.
Napping in my seat at Margy's.
Charlie biting into the cupcake to see if it's pink or blue.
Excited Parents to be!
Sneaking off at the restaurant to finish his cupcake!
When we asked Charlie what we should name the baby girl he said...Red!