8 month Pics

Our wonderful & Sweet Photographer Lacy came to our home to capture these precious pictures of our precious baby. Check out the pictures at:
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Go to "Proofing" password= Kingrea

The other pictures of our Godbaby Abbie Wood. Her daddy is in Iraq fighting for us so she sported her red,white and blue and the pictures of her holding her "daddy doll" just break my heart- too cute! She is 2 and obsessed with Taylor Swift.She is so busy so in order for her to pay attention to the camera we had to go on a hunt for Taylor- hilarious!!



Well hello there! It has been quite some time that I have blogged! Our lives have been very very busy lately! We had a wonderful Easter (Brooke, J, and boys in town, Crescent City Classic Race, Our 4th annual Crawfish Boil and more) which  I will post about later... After Easter Charlie got sick with his first little virus, and in the midst of all this we decided to put an offer on a house! After very little negotiating- we are proud owners of 2 homes! Ahhh! Well not yet but we close on the new house April 30th! We have put our home on the market... Please keep us in your prayers! We love our home we are in now but found another "fixer upper" that we love and I have to get my hands on! We are hopeful that it will all work out!

On another note...Our precious Charlie is 8 months!! He finally got his first tooth---The Easter bunny brought it to him!! Yep- Easter Sunday my little teething machine finally popped one out! It is so cute! He is just growing so fast and is on the move constantly! He is crawling as fast as lightin', pulling up on everything, & into everything! He is starting to get sad wen I leave in the morning for work (breaks my heart),waving bye-bye and hi, doing "wa-wa-wa", kissing back and lighting up a room with his smile! It is so fun!

I will post more later but until then keep us in your prayers, we will keep you in ours, love to all!!!
XOXO-  The Kingrea's