Smooth Moves

Charlie getting ready for Mardi Gras dancing to "Hey Pocky A-Way!" 
He danced for like 30 minutes straight- we were cracking up!


Happy Friday!

My sister-Brooke, brother-in-law- Jason and their boys (Ty and Cruz) are in visiting from Colorado for a long weekend! We are having so much fun hanging out with all the kiddos! Charlie loves having his cousins around to play with. The other night they danced to Mardi Gras music and had us rolling laughing! Will post pics soon.
Charlie had a relapse of RSV so we are back to his treatments- poor baby! He has been getting up in the middle of the night so needless to say we are getting hardly any sleep with the 2 of them up all hours. We hope that Reese doesn't get it!!
Have a Happy and Healthy Weekend!

Hope you all have a relaxing weekend as Charlie's has started off! 

Bright Eyed Lil Beauty


Super Bowl Sunday

Craig received a call yesterday afternoon from his friend Mikey inviting him to the Super Bowl! Mikey was offered 2 tickets last minute from his father in law who is the head of security for ESPN. I told Craig of course, GO. I mean what a great experience right!! They left yesterday afternoon and drove 8-9 hours to Dallas. They are staying with Mikey's in laws in a suite and get to go to a Fan Fare event today which was also included! They are going to be like two little boys in a toy store!  I just received a text from Craig saying he is at ESPN brunch about to watch Tim Tebow, Cam Newton and Matt Cassell speak on the stage...how cool!
So I am at home with baby Reese and Charlie. My mom came over to help me out while Craig is in Dallas! Go Packers!

Reese had her 1 week Appt. on Thursday and is doing awesome! She actually gained weight. She weighs 8lb now and is 20" long. Her little features are so tiny and she just seems so petite and femine. She is breastfeeding wonderfully and is sleeping pretty good. She is very laid back and such a little angel!!
Charlie is a JOY and very loving to his new little sis, he is a bit rough at times showing us where baby Reese's eyes, nose, ears and toes are and shaking her bouncy seat!

Baby Reese in her swing.
sleeping beauty.

Daddy and Reese fell asleep together- so precious

Sharing her brother's newborn gown.

Our Monkey!

So happy Dada is home from work, ready to play!

Pretty Girl.
her hands are always stretched near her head

Sweet Monogram gown from Mame'.

Charlie Tucking baby in.