Charlie's 1st Birthday!

I can not believe my baby boy is 1! It is just amazing how fast this year went by!
Charlie's birthday was Friday August 13th and since his party will be this weekend we took him to dinner with my parents and he dug into his first cake! It was so funny! He dug his hands in and then stared at his fingers filled with cake fr about 2 minutes straight. We almost wet ourselves laughing!
Craig surprised me with the sweetest thing ever for Charlie's 1st- he made a 15 min video with music and pics of Charlie's 1st year of life- it included my stages of pregnancy, charlie's first moments in the world, etc...even video clippings of his first crawl and walk- it was so touching!
Anyway, mean mommy took charlie to the doc on his birthday (he was way over due)- He weighs 24 lbs and is 31" in height. He wears a size 6 shoe-which he will be out of soon for 7's! His foot is so big! It is funny bc that is the first thing the doctor said when they delivered was look at those huge feet and look at those lashes! I have to say my baby boy has girl lashes and they are so pretty!
He is totally walking, 4 top teeth and 2 bottom now, and surprising us each day with more words and lots of laughter! He is such a happy boy!
I will post his party pics after this weekend but for now here is a pic of my sweet 1 year old pushing his new John Deere and staring at his hand after his first experience with cake!
Happy Birthday baby Boy!