Beach Trip

We had a fabulous time in Destin! We went with the Kingrea family (over Father's day weekend) and it was so much fun and very relaxing. Charlie had a blast! He absolutely loved the sand, ocean waves and taking naps on the beach under the tent. The weather was perfect- and no signs of oil at all while we were there! Thank you Margy and Grandaddy (Derby) and BonBon for a wonderful vacation!

On another note I have to say we are so very blessed to have such wonderful "Dad's in our lives!

Craig- Happy First Father's day! What an incredible Dada you are! Watching you father Charlie makes me fall more and more in love with you! Your face lights up every day when you are with Charlie which lights up my face all the time! You are such a great help with everything and I love you for loving us so very much!

Dad (Pops)-  I love you more then you will ever ever know and I thank God for you daily. Thank you for your unconditional love for our family, your patience (raising 3 great girls =), your love for the Lord, your huge heart, and your love for your 3 grandsons!

Grandaddy (Derby)- How blessed I am to have been married into such a wonderful family and been giving the gift of an amazing father in law! Thank you for loving us unconditionally, always making me smile,  and although you live hours away you still make a point to call us all the time to ask every detail about your grandson!

BZ- I am so thankful to have you as my father in law and couldn't have asked for a better step father for my husband then you. Thank you for your love and support of our family and for being a great BZ to Charlie! XO.

And of course can't end this post without pics from the Beach! Sorry so many- they are just all so cute!!


My First Haircut

I got my much needed 1st haircut today. It was sad for Mommy but I look so handsome! We went to Jessica's house (Mommy's friend and Stylist) and she did a great job! And even saved my curls! I was so good the entire time (well Daddy was feeding me animal crakers too).
Now when we go out on the town maybe people will stop telling mommy and daddy how pretty their little girl is! Thanks Jess!

Now we are off to the beach this week for Father's Day weekend and I can't wait!


Lovin my New Shades

Getting all geared up for my first beach trip!


it's raining it's pouring

The weather is terrible right now and I am stuck at work!
I can not believe June is here...Our baby will be 10 months on the 13th- time is flying. Sorry I have not posted lately- we have so much going on with work, Craig's job, showing our house ( have to constantly have it perfect), and work on the new house! Good News though---we had an offer last night and it was right where we wanted to be. We accepted and they put a deposit to the agency so the next step is inspection!! We are excited !! We hope thy will love it as much as we have!
Craig has been a painting machine at the new house and I have been cleaning and trying to get it at least decent for us to move in. It is definitely a work in progress- those fixer uppers are a love hate but in the end it will be something we will be proud of and love!
Happy Almost Friday!
XO- Kristin
Here are some pics from my phone of my lil man...(yes i think it is about time for our first haircut ... looking like Zack Morris)