Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town

Charlie and Santa. So cute! He was such an angel!

Oh Christmas Tree

The Weekend after Thanksgiving we went Christmas tree hunting. We normally just go to Home Depot but Aunt Molly and Uncle Clay told us about this great Christmas Tree Farm in Folsom, LA were you can pick out and cut down your own tree. All five of us went and it was so fun! But when they were bagging our tree up someone said "who's the one's with the 11 ft tree," well that was us! The stick read that it was 9 ft but it obviously was much bigger. So our fun evening turned a little sour when Daddy Craig had to cut more of the tree when we got home and then we took pretty much ALL night trying to get it straight in the stand. I was trying to hold it striaght and Craig was on his belly trying to screw in the stand(all while outside in the freezing cold). It was pretty Hilarious! Molly and Clay had a little trouble too, there's had fallen in the middle of the night!
But now we all have our tree's up and straight and our tree's are Beautiful!
It was a fun time and we are going to make it a tradition!

Our little Family in front of our tree...

Charlie with Daddy

Aunt Molly, Charlie, Uncle Clay and Craig with the measuring sticks

View of the Christmas Tree Farm


Fun in the Tub/ Let it Snow!!

Charlie's favorite time of night is his bathtime! He just loves it and laughs out lound when we wash him! Look at that precious face!
Posted this for you Grandaddy!

It snowed last night!!! We drank hot chocolate in front of the fire. It was so nice! However, we had boxes surrounding us because we got all our Christmas stuff down but have not started decorating! Hope to do that today! Here is a picture of our new volvo (which we just purchased and are so excited about) under snow! Craig took this in the middle of the night last night.


So Blessed!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was such a sweet day. We woke up early, cooked and watched the Macy's day parade- Charlie stared at the TV - it was so cute.
We celebrated with Craig's mom and step dad(CZ and BZ) and Aunt Leigh.
{my family is all up in Colorado visiting Brooke, Jason and boys, and Craig's dad in Alexandria with the Kingrea's-we couldn't travel b/c Craig has work tomorrow}.
Craig and I did a whole lot of cooking- it was fun-our first Thanksgiving at our home and Charlie's first turkey day. I used my Granny's china we inherited, my mom's linens, my mother-in-law's silver that was given to us, and our crystal- love using all my pretties and entertaining!! Charlie passed out in his bouncy seat at the table while we gave thanks to God, ate, all talked at the same time, laughed, and ate some more.

Counting our sweet Blessings on this day to give thanks...
Thankful for the mother/father and wife/husband the Lord is making us...
Thankful for the blessings that surround...
Thankful for hard times that make us better people...
Thankful for the blessings that are waiting...
Thankful for the blessings that keep us in the moment...
Thankful for the blessings of love, laughter, joy and faith...
Thankful for the blessing of this precious life...

We are so Blessed and Thankful for our incredible and loving family, and wonderful friends...
We are thankful Lord, so Thankful!

O Lord that lends me life,Lend me a heart replete with thankfulness.~William Shakespeare~


A Fun Night

Craig's cousin, and our dear friends, Caroline and Cliff-got married on Saturday night. We had such a great time! Caroline was such a beautiful bride and the wedding was a blast! It was Charlie's very first night spending the night away from Mommy and Daddy. He stayed at Mame' and Pops so we could stay out and sleep in!

Caroline and Cliff (this is the only pic I took of the two of them)!
Above- Caroline and Craig ; (L) Michelle and Suzanne Yingst, The Beautiful bride and me (all cousins); Below- Craig, Me, Chris and Michelle Combs

I couldn't help but post these adorable pics of Charlie sporting his new Snow Hat that we got him for when we go to Colorado in Jan.


Precious Puppy

Charlie was a PRECIOUS little puppy for his first Halloween! He looked adorable! But he didn't care too much for his costume!We had people over, and although I was sick with a virus, we had a great night. Also, Halloween was Charlie's very first night to sleep 5.5 hours straight... must have been all that stimulation! He also rolled over for the first time too. A big weekend for a growing boy!!

Charlie and Maysie(Don't they look just like brother and sister)!

Dorothy and her Toto, and Jeremy Shockey

Passed out in Pop's arms


Who Dat!

Couldn't help but take these cute pics of Charlie and Craig! Craig got Charlie all geared up like this Sunday morning for church-and to watch the game of course. I let it slide for church because they looked so freakin cute!!
Go Saints- what a game!!
We had a great weekend! We went over to the Combs house Saturday night for the LSU game. Michelle and Chris just had # 3- Matthew, only 4 weeks or so older than Charlie. Holly and Travis Biggs and their little boy, well... big boy, Wade were there too! Wade is about 8 wks older. What a group that will be!! Fun times to come!!


Our Pumpkin

My parents put on an Octoberfest road race last weekend in downtown Covington. We decided to wake up early, dress Charlie in his cute Pumpkin outfit, and bring him to his very first road race to help out. He looked adorable and was a very happy little pumpkin!!


I'm growing too fast!

Having fun with my Pops !

Uncle Tommy, Graddaddy and me and Daddy-geared up for LSU game ! My hair is out of control!! If mommy didn't comb it, I would always look like a rock star!
I Love my bath time and I am so happy after!

Chillin in my bouncy seat.
I Passed out in daddy's arms while mommy, daddy and me went for a walk!
And look at me and Parker...he thinks I am so funny!
We have finally been able to download pictures to our computer.

Charlie is doing good and growing so fast! He is now 9 weeks! I can't believe it! He has been cooing and smiling tons! It is the cutest thing ever, melts us! He is getting little rolls on his legs and his neck is getting fat! Too cute! He brings us such Joy!

A few weeks ago we went to the pediatrician and started Charlie on acid reflux medicine. The doctor said that should help his pain and crying. Sure enough after 1 wk of taking the medicine we have a happy and more chill little baby! It has made a world of difference. He still has colic at night but hopefully will grow out of that soon. He has been keeping us very busy and me very tired but all well worth it!
We had our first road trip last weekend to Granddaddy and BonBon's, in Alexandria, for Craig's 29th bday! We had a blast (although the Tigers couldn't pull off the W against FL)! Uncle Tommy visited too!

We also had lots of visits recently! Heather and Brian Gibson and their beautiful girls Halle and Bella visited us from MS; Meg Muse and sweet Kristin and Tyler Muse came in town from TN, Heather and our precious God Child Abbie Wood were in town from WA (and threw Charlie a sip and see) and also Parker Szczepanski, Charlie's little bud, came for a visit!
Lots going on, we are staying busy and I go back to work very soon =(
We will post more soon!


Baby Cruz

Introducing our Precious Nephew Cruz. We love you baby boy!! We can't wait to meet you!


It's a BOY!

My sister Brooke just had another Boy! Brooke and Jason welcomed to the world...Cruz Henry Paulin...born today at 8:08 am weighing 6lb 4 oz! We are so excited!!! And surprised (I thought she was going to have a girl). Ty is going to be so happy to have a "Bubba". Mame' is flying up to Colorado now. Hopefully we can make it there in October sometime.
All these boys!! My dad "Pops" says that he was blessed with all girls so that he could have grandsons...he is right about that =)
I will post pics when Jason sends to us.

Brooke and I showing off our prego bellies at my shower.
Our baby boys are 6 weeks apart!

Ty will soon find out he is a big brother!


1 Month

Charlie is one month old in this picture taken with my phone (9/13/09). He is growing fast, and has his first pediatrician checkup on Tuesday 9/22. He is starting to smile and coo, and has taken his first bath. We are making bath time part of his nightly routine, and he really enjoys it. We have had technical difficulties downloading pictures from the camera to the computer, so our blogging has been slowed down. Hopefully we can figure out the problem and post our updates more often-Craig