Audubon Zoo/ Weekend fun

We just bought the year pass for the Zoo and Aquarium and we are so excited. One yearly fee and you go as many times as you want to either place- what a deal!
Last weekend we had the most beautiful weather so we decided before Mardi Gras and Super bowl madness begins, we would enjoy the day at the zoo. We had a wonderful time and the kids loved it!! The babies are at great ages where they both are engaged and excited to see the animals.
Charlie's favorite: Alligator
Reese's favorite: Pig, and Elephant
Mommy and Daddy's favorite: Giraffe's

Before the Zoo we had a BIG accident with Reese. Long story but Charlie ended up pushing Reese out the car (while parked in our driveway) but she fell straight on her face. Craig ran inside screaming for me, scolded Charlie, and we tended to poor Reese. We were debating and debating on going to ER (you just never know with the head) but after we read Web MD (which said watch for vomiting and lethargic signs) we thought all was going to be fine We were both nervous all day, especially when she napped but Thank the Lord all was and is ok!

Friday night there was "date night" at our gym. This is where you drop the kids to childcare at the gym (they have games, pizza, etc) and parents have 3-4 hours for date night. We used this time to catch up on some errands without kiddos and go to a nice dinner together!

Sunday we went to church (which is right near the lakefront) so we decided to take our workout clothes and double stroller and go on a run after church on the lakefront. From there we went to the playground for the day and then went home to watch football. It was a perfect day!

Could not have asked for a better weekend for this little family!

Love the new wagon from Mame' and Pops!

love this crew to pieces!
The pig that Reese asked me if she could kiss- hilarious!
Love the grounds of the zoo!
Ready for a nap! And she actually napped great!

Loving his treat!
Those angel eyes- he melts my heart!


Christmas '12 part two...

Christmas was absolutely wonderful. It was so nice to have a white Christmas in CO but most importantly spending time together with our very loved Paulin crew! It will be a Christmas we will always remember.
When we got home Santa had delivered to our house too. Charlie's desk and Reese's baby doll bed.
The weekend we got back, we enjoyed Gumbo and gifts with Craig's mom "CZ" and "BZ" and Aunt Leigh. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures.
The same weekend we had the Kingrea Christmas at our house. I made crab and corn bisque and we spent the day relaxing and opening more gifts.
Now back to routine and time for New Years, Super Bowl and Mardi Gras!

Charlie's Christmas Wish List: Desk, Gumball machine, costumes, magician hat and wand
Reese's Christmas Wish List: Baby Doll & make-up
We were so nervous how Reese would do on the plane.
After being crazy at first she soon settled fast asleep in my arms with the help of her loved Caillou 
Charlie LOVED the plane and also feel fast asleep.
Enjoying the gorgeous view!
Charlie(3), Cruz(3), Ty(5), lola(10mo), Lily Reese(23mo)
Craig and Clay's view from skiing!
After skiing meeting up with Lola bean at he Lodge.
Mom and her grandkids minus reese and presley.
How HILARIOUS is Lola!!!
Sledding together at Copper Mountain.
Lily Reese didn't care too much for the snow or sledding.
She is like her mama- would rather the warm!!

Dancing at the Lodge after skiing and sledding.
Charlie was obsessed with the Ski map!
Kids on stage singing Christmas Carols- it was so cute!
I surprised Craig and we had a night at Breckenridge Spa and Lodge.
We had a nice dinner, couple massage after breakfast, & enjoyed the outdoor hot tub. 
View from our room
View from the hot tub.
Christmas Eve Church service at Red Rocks. It was AWESOME!
weet girl and her favorite babies! Baby lily and the Bear.
Acting Silly.
She LOVES baby Presley!!
Happiest baby ever. 
Santa brought his magic hat and wand! He was so excited!
Look Santa ate the cookies!!
Christmas morning Mame' and Presley.
Little Diva and her princess shoes from Santa.
Santa brought cool guns!
And a spiderman camera
Daddy's little girl
My favorite picture of Reese Christmas morning!
Look at the view from Broke's living room
View from the Paulin house- a m a z i n g!
The girl cousins!
The crew!
Koenig family
Paulin family
Charlie aka HULK!
Pops and Presley
Yes, mom got us matching PJ's!!
Dugger girls
All bundled up
Dont get us Reeese
Craig and Ty in a snow fight.
Can't go to Colorado without making a snow angel right?
Grandaddy giving Charlie his batman watch and Silver coins!!
Margy and me!
Bon Bon and Charlie working the guitar.
Me and Reese winding down in our PJ's at home sweet home!