Charlie news...

I decided to take Charlie for an X-ray of his nose from his accident Saturday. He HATED the machine taking his "picture" but was such a trooper! Good news- no problems & no broken nose!!! We are so relieved! It's still swollen and we are waiting for the black eyes but he is doing great.
Other charlie news:
-Ask's " what's that noise" ALL the time
-Went poo poo on the potty tonight for the first time! He told us he had to go and sure enough! He was confused at first then so proud of himself! And of course he got a special treat and called all the grandparents to tell them " I poo poo on potty"! Now it's time to potty train I guess :)
-Talks about himself in 3rd person. Charlie wants that, Charlie wants to go to grocery store, Charlie ride that?, Charlie wants to go outside, and when we ask him if he wants something he says... Charlie did!
-Loves Grapes! If you ask him what he wants for breakfast"grapes", what do you want for dinner "grapes". Too funny!
- Says "Bandbabe" instead of Bandaid.
- loves trucks! He can name them all and points them out all over town... Dump truck, bulldozer, excavator (didn't even know that was a name of a truck), crane...you name it!
-Runs to us and calls out our names when we pick him up from St Michael's and I Love it!!
-Does not listen too well these days and starting to take toys from Reese but adores that sissy most days! They really are keeping each other more and more entertained these days and it's fun to watch.
Bless you baby boy!!


LSU Tailgate/ Geaux Tigers

We had a great time today in Baton Rouge for LSU vs Auburn game. We tailgated with Jackie and Clay (who went to Auburn) and all their friends from Auburn who traveled in town for the game. There were lots of babies playing, food and fun! We walked down to see the Marching band as they went into the stadium and charlie loved it!! Craig went to the game with the boys and the girls went back to Jackie and Clay's to watch the game and for the kids to nap Play! It was a great day (especially if you were an LSU Tiger fan)!
And of course we couldn't leave BR without another Charlie accident! He slipped on a rug and busted his nose on a piece of furniture. It ended up being a rough night but no ER visit Praise the Lord!

Our Lil Family

Mommy with my tired lil tiger

Off to the fun!

Waiting for the football team and marching Band
Look mommy- the band!
We met up with the Szczepanki's. Charlie with his bud Parker.

So sweet!

Off to the game.
Chilin in the stroller
Passed out baby boy, with his bloody nose, on the way back home.


Hello There Fall!

Hello There! Lot's happening around the Kingrea household. We stay very busy these days juggling the babies, working full time, routines, trying to recover from colds, sleepless nights which are getting MUCH better, reading stories, watching Lily Reese carefully- she is pulling up on everything, watching Caillou (Charlie's FAV new cartoon), bathtime fun with both babies, playing pretend (Charlie loves to play doctor and pretend cook), celebrating birthdays (Daddy C just made the big 31 too), traveling for weekend getaways (just came back from an awesome wknd trip to Gulf Shores with the Combs family) and we are headed to the Auburn LSU game this weekend (Charlie's first)! 
I am sure you all can relate to full calendars and the constant juggle but it is fun, crazy, wonderful, exhausting and we wouldn't want it different, would we!
Lovin' this weather! Welcome Fall Welcome!
Just a few 'total random' pics to share.
Happy Friday!!
Feeding the ducks and crazy Geese

"Look Mommy, Mama Duck and Baby Duck!"

Hi There!

Daddy and Sweet LRK

Our Lil LSU cheerleader. Craig adores this!!


Loves her Maysie!
Pulling up on everything she can.

Celebrating Chris and Craig's B-days while in Gulf Shores!!
All 10 of us went to GS- Combs have 4 kiddos, Kingreas- 2,  and we brought 2 wonderful babysitters- so a total of 12 of us! Let me tell you, having the babysitters is the way to go- they were such help!!

Cake Parrain?

Hi Mommy! My two Handsome boys!!


Beach Bums.
We came up in the afternoon to watch LSU vs FL, take naps and have adult beverages!

You caught me!

Matthew and Charlie

Celebrating Daddy's bday back at home!
Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you bigger then the sky! You are the BEST!
(dinner and homemade cake from sweet Mame', she spoils my kids and my hubby!)

Practicing Tball.

Silly Boy.

Bathtub Fauxhawk

Sweet Angel Boy.



Mommy's birthday

My birthday was Saturday and it was a wonderful weekend. I love where I am in life. I am so blessed to have an amazing husband, 2 wonderful/adorable babies and a great family...All of whom I adore more and more everyday. It Is crazy getting older but I have to say it is the best time of my life.
I woke up to coffee in bed and Charlie and Craig singing happy birthday to me. Charlie kept saying "it's my birthday too mommy" too precious!
Charlie and Reese surprised my with an iPad which I am blogging from now (trying to learn this very cool machine). I was so surprised! I then spent the morning with my sister and kids at the ALS walk for cure. My dear friends Dad (and close family friends) is suffering with this horrible disease. I am happy we spent the morning in his honor. Craig then took the kids and Molly and I were off for pedicures. Then My sweet mom and sis helped with the kids while Craig took me to a romantic dinner at the lake house on the lakefront. We thought about going out but ended up at home in pjs which we loved! A sweet birthday!