We went on down to the Audubon Zoo....

We had a wonderful weekend last wknd! The Gibson's came to visit and stay with us on Friday night (my best friend and roommate from college Heather and her sweet family- hubby Brian and babies Halle (4), Bella (almost 2) and Liam (10-1/2 wks- BORN ON SAME DAY IN SAME HOUR AS REESE!).
We had a wonderful visit Friday night and then packed the whole crew up and headed to the Zoo on Saturday! It was so fun. We got there right when it opened and stayed till it closed. We saw a seal show and elephant show. Charlie loved the elephants, carousel ride with daddy and playing at the park. Reese came along too and she was an angel. It was a long day and we were all exhausted afterwards but it was OH SO eventful and memorable! Our first family trip to the Audubon Zoo!



Charlie absolutely LOVES his sister! He wakes up every morning asking for baby Reese (with his hand in the air- like- where is she) and when we gets down from his crib he runs to our bedroom, peeks in the bassinet and says" Hiiiii Reese, Hiiii Reese!" It is just precious! He kisses her and points out all her features. She lights up his world and he is starting to light up hers! Reese is now following us and smiling like crazy. She now smiles back at Charlie in such bliss.

Lovin' on his sissy.

Helping mommy vacuum.

We never post about our first baby...,Maysie caught snuggling up in
Charlie's chair.

Sleeping Beauty.

Just love these darn ruffle pantie's on her! What a little sweetheart!

Baby Reese- Can I brush your hair?

Happy Baby!
Nothing sweeter then this!


Hawaii Trip!

We had a wonderful time in Hawaii!!! As we wrote in the last post I won a trip so we were in Beautiful Hawaii for about 6 days! The babies did awesome while we were away! It was so hard to leave but we knew Charlie and Reese were in great hands and we couldn't pass up an opportunity for a free trip to such an amazing place! I had to pump the whole time but we were able to travel back with all the milk stored on dry ice- thanks continental airlines!! And Reese did just fine adjusting back to mommy and her milk!!
Anyway, We stayed at our first four seasons resort and it was incredible! The company had planned events and dinners that were just unbelievable. It was wonderful while we were there - truly paradise! We put a lot of thought into moving us all there..lol...but are happy to be back with the bebe's and to our home! Here are some pics...
Sunrise walk 1st morning we were there
Sweetheart rock near island of Lanai where we were staying


Cliff we walked up from the resort to watch the breathtaking sunrise

This was taken on our Snorkel trip- this is the island we stayed on

Our resort (pool, bar and beach)

Private beach at resort

My handsome hubby

Cool Restaurant we went to with a fun group of new friends!

How cute is this little restaurant!

Day trip to Maui

Ferry ride to Maui (in the distance), saw whales on the way- unbelievable!

Enjoying his tropical drink at Kimo's Restaurant on the ocean


The Life!

Heading to a Luau

My aunt Susie and Jimmy! My Aunt just moved to Hawaii after reuniting with her high school sweetheart (my dad and his family lived in Hawaii when they were young and aunt Susie met up with her high school sweetheart at their reunion a few year ago- how sweet huh!) We met up with them on the way home!