Craig has been so sweet to start this blog for us and update everyone on how we are doing! I felt I would give the new daddy a break and write our next post...

How wonderful this is! Being a mommy is the most amazing thing ever!!! We are totally in love with our lil man! Charlie is just shy of two weeks old and doing great. He is eating a lot and pooping a lot =) He is also up quite a bit during the night but sleeps great during the day..ha..But I can't complain. Once I start to get frustrated I just look at his precious face and his little needing eyes just stare back at me; the time just melts away and nothing else is important.

We are really enjoying every minute! It was real hard when Craig went back to work but we are making it! Craig has been such an incredible help and he is already an amazing daddy to our baby boy! As you can probably tell by his excitement in all the posts he has written!

Craig said in an earlier post that we would explain later about my labor. Well it is hilarious and something that is every girl's nightmare, and of course, had to happen to me!

Craig came home from work and his sweet wife had a Mexican fiesta meal planned, corona's and all. I had figured Craig would want to work out first, so we planned for him to do a quick workout and after, we would have our dinner. I was cooped up in the house all day, so I decided to go with him and then take his truck and go to TJ Maxx (my fav place to shop)! Well...as I was passing the shoe section on my way out...my water broke! I freaked out and a precious couple next to me also freaked out and called 911! Luckily a nurse (who happened to be there shopping) walked up to me and helped me outside to a bench. I tried calling Craig but just my luck, his phone went to voice mail. I had him paged and Molly came to my rescue (but before she got to me, the cops arrived along with the paramedics and fire trucks, I was cracking up, crying and shaking from nerves). Molly got me and Clay picked up Craig at the gym. We all met at home, laughing and thinking this only happens in movies! We grabbed our bags ( I changed!) and we headed to the hospital. Little did we know the 5 minute trip it should have taken us to get to the hospital, took us 40 minutes because the interstate had road construction. Hazard lights, contractions starting and all- we made it to the hospital!!

My contractions were now stronger then ever...I can not even describe the pain! The nurses had to flush me with two bags of fluid before my epidural. Those few hours seemed like a century. My hubby was at my side and I could have squeezed his hand off! Once I received the epidural it was smooth sailing...

After 6 hours of labor (from my water breaking at TJ Maxx to delivery) and after Craig cut the cord, my baby boy was placed on my stomach. I knew then that I was ready to do this all over again. I knew that he was worth all the pain. And I knew that my heart couldn't possibly hold more love than it did at that very moment!

Motherhood is wonderful! We are so blessed!! I look forward to each and every moment to come with the new addition to our family, Charles Leonard!


A BIG weekend!

Charlie is 10 days old today, and it has been a busy 10 days. He has met many of his family and friends, and even attended his first party. Yesterday he partied at his great Uncle Chris' house with many of the Craig family including Uncle Chandler, Aunt Cheryl, Kirsten Craig, Caroline Craig, Chandler Craig, Suzanne Yingst, and of course Granny Cathy and Grandpa Bill. Charlie behaved himself like an angel. Before the party we visited with Betsy Laborde, Meg Couvillion, Brie Troquet and Megan Bourona. Last week Charlie met Casey Westguard and a very healthy and happy Harry Westguard! Neighbors, Kristin's girlfriends from work, and Mame, Pops and Aunt Molly all visited this week. We want to thank everyone for taking the time to show their love and visit with us.
Today we are taking a trip to the Mandeville lakefront for a walk to enjoy the mild cool weather that is rare for August. We also want to send out a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to Charlie's cousin Ty Michael Paulin in Evergreen, CO. who just turned 2 and celebrated with a Truck themed birthday party.
Charlie is fitting in just fine around the Kingrea household. Even Maysie is adjusting to our new addition after initial anxiety (leaving Kristin a present in her shoes). Charlie and Maysie have something in common... they both like to snuggle with Mom. That's it for today, we will have another entry soon!


A Visit From My "Great"Grandmother

Today Charlie visited with his Great Grandmother, Margy Kingrea. Charlie is very fortunate to have such a wonderful and loving Great Grandmother.
He also attended his first pediatrician visit for a checkup, and Dr. Quarls reported that he is healthy and has gained 1.5 oz from his discharge weight at the hospital.
Kristin is doing better everyday.
I go back to work tomorrow, and it will be difficult to leave my new baby boy. But Kristin is a great, natural mother, and i know Charlie is in good hands. Please keep our family in your prayers.


Charlie is doing well... and eating well!!!

Charlie made it home on Friday 8/14/09, and has been doing what babies do. Today he is 4 days old. He has already pee'd on me TWICE! Kristin is feeling better everyday, and is a natural mother. I wanted to share more pictures of our new addition.


Welcome To The World Charlie!

We have been blessed by God with a happy, healthy and beautiful baby boy. Charles Leonard Kingrea arrived at 2:12am on August 13, 2009 with a head full of hair. He weighed in at a surprising 7 lbs 14 oz. and measured 20 inches long. Kristin labored with God given natural strength for about six and a half hours, and I witnessed the miracle of my baby boy's birth. The full story of the labor from beginning to end will be another entry, but for now I wanted to share pictures of our beautiful boy Charlie. Excitement and love are two fitting words, but describing a miracle can only be expressed by each individual's experience and emotions. Thanks to everyone for the gifts, calls, visits and prayers... We love you all and are looking forward to life with our baby Charlie.