Daddy's Post

Craig decided to do the post today (gotta love his captions.) Enjoy the rest of the week!
I'm ready for the weekend!!!
This is how I roll!

Bubble gun and a bucket hat... what could be more fun?

She must see her daddy coming to change her out of these stupid pants.

This is my game face. I get whatever I want when I look at you like this.


Reese's Christening

I am doing things a little backwards but wanted to post pictures of our little Girl's very special day! We Baptized Reese at the end of March 2011. It was a beautiful day with family and friends with us to celebrate. She was baptized at St. Peter's which is a very special church in our family. We were all baptized here and Craig and I married here (as well as most of our family including my parents.)
We asked Aunt Molly, my sister, and Uncle Tommy, Craig's step brother, to be Reese's Godparents, this little angel is so blessed! Reese wore our family Christening gown of 70 years! This was my uncle's and was passed down to my mom and her siblings, all of my cousin's, me and my sister's, and now our baby's! Aunt Molly gave Reese a very beautiful antique bonnet that I hope her little girl will wear one day.
We celebrated after with a reception at our house.
God Bless you baby girl!


Crawfish Boil, Easter, Trip to Grandaddy's

 I am way behind on some fun times so we wanted to post a few pictures from April! We had our 4th annual crawfish boil on Saturday before Easter with our first Easter Egg hunt. Crawfish were awesome and its always a wonderful time to visit with friends and family! Easter Sunday was great. We spent it at a sweet church service at the Carmelite Nuns. Charlie broke his shoe and was saying "AMEN" all throughout church and Reese started crying so it was a lot different then years past =) We had lunch at Mame and Pops- I forgot my camera so Mame' took pics of our babies in their Easter best (which I don't have yet to share). The next weekend we went to Alexandria to celebrate Grandaddy's 60th! We played croquet, visited, ate lots and relaxed-it was wonderful. Our first road trips with both kids and they did great(thanks to built in DVD to play Elmo!) More to come...Cheers!

Pops, Charlie, Grandaddy and Lily Reese

Chris pushing Matthew and holding Lyla Combs (Kaylee not pictured and William just born last week!!)
Michelle and Chris are Busy!

Mandy Nunmker with sweet Faith

Craig's Cousin Caitlyn with precious Mary Kate (only a few months older then Reese.)

Charlie and Hannah Nunmaker hanging out!

Forget about the Easter Egg hunt- Blake and I want to eat the candy we have already.

Good Job Hannah!

Aunt Laura helping the kiddo's

Craig's Aunt's on the Kingrea side, Caroline (Craig's youngest cousin who was the flower girl in our wedding) and the Mother Hen- OUR MARGY!

Lyla pushin her brother since his leg is broken!

Beautiful cousin Blake Mott

Happy Birthday Gradaddy and BZ! Mame's infamous bunny cake!

Kingrea Crew

Easter Sunday- Easter bunny surprised us with goodies!

Wake up Reese- Bunny came! Poor Reese all swaddled up!

Ummm...More candy mama!

Charlie's card to Grandaddy that Aunt Leigh helped Charlie make!

How sweet!! Margy and Reese.

Enjoying Croquet in the backyard.

Geeting some loving (actually taking a break any chance I could b/c I was horrible at this game-ha)

Daddy and Son...melts me!
Lil chicadee