Christmas in Colorado...

Enjoying our time with our family in Colorado! The kids love the snow!!! Charlie has been throwing snowballs and Reese eating the snow! We went on a train ride through the mountains to see the Christmas lights, we saw Santa, we took family pictures at a cool barn in the snow, and we are leaving today to go sledding and skiing in the mountains...more to come! Merry Christmas!!


Christmas time...

Tis the Season....
What a fun age with Charlie and Reese Christmas 2012! I honestly did not think Reese would be so excited! She screams every time she sees a blow up Santa or Christmas lights and loves singing Christmas songs! We bought the elf on the shelf and read them the book, and after reading it Charlie looked at me and said "he's not real mama" of course I explained that he was. I told him to name the Elf and Charlie without hesitating said "Gromus"!  I almost bust out laughing, Gromus? Normally when we ask him to name something he goes down the list of family members names and friends names, but not this time, so Gromus the Elf it is! They are adorable running around looking for Gromus in the morning and Reese will scream "look, look, they he is!"
We have visited Santa, went to Christmas in the Oaks, Craig family christmas gathering, Charlie's precious Christmas program, and this weekend we have my work party, Mott Christmas party (mom's side of the family) and next Friday we are off to Colorado for a White Christmas! Whew!

family pic with santa
Lily Reese, Mary and baby Jesus

Sweet Christmas angel
Hi mama and dadday!
Singing his heart out

So proud!
Classic carousel picture at Christmas in the Oaks- NOLA
Fun with Daddy in Storyland
Beautiful Lola!! my other little heart!


Lots to Give Thanks For!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving spent at our home with family! I hosted this year which is great b/c it makes it easier on us with work and kids! We had a nice relaxing Turkey day with the Kingrea's spent with cooking and visiting! My family was in CO visiting new baby Preseley, and Craig's mom had to have another surgery so they stayed at home recovering!
First Charlie and Reese said the blessing then sweet Margy! Charlie and Reese entertained us as always. Charlie had a few Thanksgiving songs " I'm a little Indian" and others that he shared with Reese helping him!
So much to be Thankful For!

I am so very Thankful and Blessed for our two most precious Joy's in our life!

Hard to get pics of these two together =)

Other fun things we did Thanksgiving week:

Fun Painting
Quiet time reading
Blake's 4th birthday party
Great Uncle wade taking us on a golf cart ride
Feeding Ducks

Slumber Part with Baby Lola!