Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town

Charlie and Santa. So cute! He was such an angel!

Oh Christmas Tree

The Weekend after Thanksgiving we went Christmas tree hunting. We normally just go to Home Depot but Aunt Molly and Uncle Clay told us about this great Christmas Tree Farm in Folsom, LA were you can pick out and cut down your own tree. All five of us went and it was so fun! But when they were bagging our tree up someone said "who's the one's with the 11 ft tree," well that was us! The stick read that it was 9 ft but it obviously was much bigger. So our fun evening turned a little sour when Daddy Craig had to cut more of the tree when we got home and then we took pretty much ALL night trying to get it straight in the stand. I was trying to hold it striaght and Craig was on his belly trying to screw in the stand(all while outside in the freezing cold). It was pretty Hilarious! Molly and Clay had a little trouble too, there's had fallen in the middle of the night!
But now we all have our tree's up and straight and our tree's are Beautiful!
It was a fun time and we are going to make it a tradition!

Our little Family in front of our tree...

Charlie with Daddy

Aunt Molly, Charlie, Uncle Clay and Craig with the measuring sticks

View of the Christmas Tree Farm


Fun in the Tub/ Let it Snow!!

Charlie's favorite time of night is his bathtime! He just loves it and laughs out lound when we wash him! Look at that precious face!
Posted this for you Grandaddy!

It snowed last night!!! We drank hot chocolate in front of the fire. It was so nice! However, we had boxes surrounding us because we got all our Christmas stuff down but have not started decorating! Hope to do that today! Here is a picture of our new volvo (which we just purchased and are so excited about) under snow! Craig took this in the middle of the night last night.