Eating- & Loving-Solids!

Charlie is eating solids and LOVES it! It is hilarious... when we are finished he will whine until he gets more and then smiles so big when he does!
He is going to be so big and strong! =)
He is already growing like a weed-makes me sad but makes Craig so proud!
I started reading this book "SUPER BABY FOOD" recommended by my sister and it is great! http://www.superbabyfood.com/
It is a great nutrition resourse. I have been making his food-it is so simple and fun for me (and most importantly nutritious-I of course use Gerber sometimes too).
His favorite food right now is Avocado! He eats it like it is ice cream!
*** To all you mom's out there, go get this book! It is for babies 0-3years and has lots of good recipes too!
I normally have to strip Charlie down after feeding him b/c we get food everywhere!!
On another note- I started back running and working out. I was doing it on and off for a while but now I am trying to workout pretty consistently. My goal is to do the Mardi Gras-Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon at the end of Feb...we'll see (pretty out of shape)! Tough to stay on track due to work and coordinating mine and Craig's schedules.
Anyway, PAC- our gym- has a great daycare program- I took Charlie for the first time a few weeks ago. While working out I checked on him 3 x and got Molly to check on him too...ha , I know-pitiful but can't help it!
Each time we went in there he was cracking up and jumping non-stop in his jumper and showing off! Too cute!
At gym in the jumper-couldn't get a good pic b/c of all the movement!!
I will post some pics soon of Charlie starting-well trying very hard- to CRAWL !!


Sweet Charlie...

I am trying to organize my pictures and I found these precious pics from about 2 months ago so had to post them!

I love to be naked!

Hi Mommy!

I love my puppy (but my puppy is still unsure of me). I am starting to grab her ears and wet nose...she always makes me smile!


Charlie's First Christmas!

So this is a little belated but had to post our baby at Christmas!
Christmas 2009 we announced that we were pregnant, it is hard to believe that was a year ago!

On Christmas Eve we went to early Mass and then had a small party at our house with family and a few friends. Christmas morning was wonderful and then off to Baton Rouge for the Kingrea Christmas at Margy's (Craig's grandmother). And let me just tell you about the Kingrea Christmas...ALL the relatives are there with piles and piles of presents everywhere! We go around the room from youngest to oldest and each person opens one present at a time. It literally takes hours but it's a family tradition and too fun! Then off to the Craig's Christmas (Craig's mom side of the family) for a Kris Kringle party at Uncle Chris's.
Whew- long day but full of family and fun! Poor Charlie was worn out!!

Three Generations: "Derby", Charlie and Craig.
Charlie's Great Grandmother-Margy- holding Charlie. Charlie is wearing Craig's first Christmas outfit that Margy made!
Charlie rolling all around in his presents. Tissue paper was his favorite toy.

Charlie in his PJ's and matching Hat at Uncle Chris's after a long day!

Charlie in front of our tree sporting his snow hat.

"Merry Freaking Christmas"!

Our Tree Christmas Morning.

Our Stockings were hung at the Chimney with Care...


Black and Gold Super Bowl!

Who Dat in the Super Bowl? Tonight was a very exciting night here in Louisiana! So unbelievable- the black and gold are super bowl bound!!! People are going crazy! When Hartley kicked that field goal there was something in the air! There are fireworks going off everywhere and people driving down the streets honking there horns, and our cell phones do not dial out!! We should all be off work tomorrow right! Craig is going crazy calling everyone saying, "I'm going to Miami baby no matter what it takes"...so shout out to anyone who knows anyone who can get tickets or a warm place to stay, because if not my husband will walk to Miami, sleep in the streets and try to crawl into the stadium... WHO DAT BABY!


Happy 2010!

Happy New Year to you all!!!
Yes, I am still here! I know, I know, I stink at blogging but will try to do better in 2010.
We have had a very Blessed Year! Finding out we were pregnant...trip to Disney world for Craig's first marathon...
birth of our beautiful baby boy...and much more!
I have lots of posting to catch up on, so if I have any readers left out there ;)...here I go.
My sister Brooke made a trip from CO beginning of Dec. (by herself traveling with a newborn and a wild 2 year old) to meet her first nephew & for us to meet baby Cruz/spend time with Ty. It was so fun! Mame' (and Pops) got all their grandson's matching outfits for all the festivities and parties! We tried to get pics of all the babies at the same time but needless to say, as you can tell by the pictures, it didn't work out so well!

All three boys in their red courdoroy outfits -hilarious! Anytime we tried to get all three together it was a nightmare..haha

Me, Brooke, and Molly... I am so lucky to have such wonderful sisters!

Ty kissing his cousin!

More Kisses

Enough kisses Ty!

Ty and his bro cruzy

Aunt Brooke and drool boy!

Aunt Kristin and Buddha baby
Matching Christmas PJ's, Charlie looks scared to death- (really he just loves eating his hand when he doesn't have anything else to put in his mouth)

We wish everyone a very Happy, Prosperous and Blessed 2010!
Thanks for checking in...More to come...