Happy Friday!

I took a picture of the kids jumping on the bed and it came out like a rap video!!

7 Years!

We celebrated our 7 year Anniversary this week! I am the luckiest woman ever. Thank you for an amazing 7 (17 total years) together! 
Thank you for being a wonderful husband and an amazing daddy.
I love you!


Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day to our Mother's whom we love more then life! 
Thank you for everything , for your unconditional love and for always letting us know your love for us.
Thank you for loving our children and for all that you do for us.
 We are so Blessed!!
We Love you.

To My children and husband:
Thank you for a wonderful day!
I love being a mom more then anything in the world! 
Charlie and Lily Reese, God has blessed us with the most precious children-you bring me more happiness and love that you could ever imagine!
You are my Sunshine's. I love you.

Last night we all went to Dinner with Craig's Mom and had a lovely time!
Today we went to church with my mom today, then to my parents to Grill out by the pool and go to the river.
We had a beautiful day and the kids had a ball!

First time riding the battery operated car and she loved it!!

Mame and Lily Reese

Off to the river!

Bathing beauty playing in the sand

Riding in the "boat"

Caught a fish!
Charlie, Uncle Clay and Daddy

Enjoying a walk on the river bank

Lily Reese and mommy

Happy Mother's Day!

Enjoying Life

We feel like we have never been so busy but we are having fun and enjoying life! The kids are just making us laugh more and more with each new day!
-Charlie is a little over 2-1/2. The other weekend we worked on a weekend of potty training and he did awesome! We were amazed how well he did. He did not have any accidents since we started him in pull-ups and big boy pants. We are so very proud of him (and he is so proud of himself too =)
I am sad that we now have to say bye bye to his John John outfits! He now needs something he can easily pull down.
He truly has the sweetest little heart and loves so hard and thanks everyone for everything.
- Reese is 15 months and saying so many words now! She loves saying no (while shaking her head yes), eats like a piggie, still sucking her thumb and holding her "baby" which is her blanket. She gives butterfly kisses, shows us her "sweet eyes" (batting her lashes) and loves to snuggle.
Charlie and Reese are starting to play so well together and we love watching them.

The last few weekends have been fun...
We  went to the local "St Peter's Fair,  had sweet Lola's Christening, had a visit from cousins and made a trip to Grandaddy and Bon Bon's. Also, Craig has been doing a lot of yard work, he even re-did a large metal A frame swing set of my mom's that she has had since age 4! It looks awesome and the kids are enjoying it.

Enjoying a Popsicle in the morning while still in PJ's =)
Really? They love the fridge for some reason

Enjoying play time with my Grandaddy

Tractor Ride with Grandaddy

Sweet Girl

Silly Girl

Charlie and his Great Grandmother-Margy

Playing in the gravel at the Fair (She Squats like her mama)

Sweet Boy!

Loving on Baby Lola

Mama, Charlie and Lily Reese riding the Yellow Bus at the fair

Charlie riding a motorcycle- he had a blast!

Having fun with our family!

Charlie with his big cousin's Justin and Alex (my cousin's boys)

Riding the Fun Slide

Visit from Mary Kate!
Craig's cousin Caitlin's daughter. Reese is trying to kiss her!

Awww, so sweet!

Helping Dada blow off the porch!

Enjoying some sweet time with my baby boy!

Sweet baby Lola passed out in Mama's arms before here baptism celebration
Baptizing baby Lola. What a special day!
She wore the same dress that has been in our family for 70 years that me and my children wore as well.
She was perfect.

Craig getting his Lola loving.

Pretty Girl day of Lola's baptism.

Lily Reese sure loves that daddy!!