Craig and I are in Lana'i Hawaii! I won a trip with my work,  through one of the top manufactures I sell "Kimball Office",  for a trip to Hawaii to a Four Seasons Resort! Only thing is that it had to be this week...which means if we made the decision to go we would have to leave our sweet babies (with Reese only being 7 weeks old)
It is Bitter Sweet but after lots of pumping and WONDERFUL parents who are supportive and offered to stay with Charlie and Reese, we decided to come!! It is amazing!! And although we miss our bebe's so so much it is so fun to be together and catch up on some sleep. It is BEAUTIFUL here!
Will post more when we come back! For now..ALOHA!

Our Resort
Pool and Beach View


Fun with Cousins

We had a wonderful time while Ty, Cruz and Brooke and Jason were in visiting from CO a few weeks ago. We miss them so so much already! Ty is now 3-1/2 and Cruz is about 17 months (only 6 weeks younger then Charlie). Below are some pictures of some fun family time.

Brooke Meeting Reese for the first time
Charlie and Cruz so excited to see each other
Mame' took the boys around in the wagon
Cruz loving Charlie's 4wheeler

Brooke and Reese

Aunt Molly and Uncle Clay with the boys
Charlie and Cruz

Brooke and Jason
Sweet Cruz with his Daddy ...playing football at Lakefront
Enjoying swing at Lakefront
Beautiful Reese
Bon Fire at Mame and Pops
Charlie's mouth is full of marshmellows!
Cruz and Pops enjoying the fire

Uncle Craig showing Ty how to roast a marshmellow

Classic Bathtub pic of the boys!!


Sip and See

My sweet sister and friend Maria had a Sip and See for Lily Reese last weekend at Molly's House! It was for our local friends and family who had not met Reese yet and we had a wonderful time and a great turn out!
Thank you so much Aunt Molly and Meea!
Sweet Reese

Reese, Mama, Charlie and Dada

My Uncle Gary and Reese (Reese's Great Uncle!)

Bon Bon and Margy (Reese's Grandma (Craig's Step Mom) and Reese's Great Grandmother (Craig's Grandmother)

Charlie and his buddy Mason! They were having a screaming contest outside!

Maria and her Mom with Maria's Precious babies Mason and Emry

Kate, Mrs. Marleene and Reese

Pretty Party Girl

Michelle and Amy both expecting boys ... Reese will have her pick ;)
I know...can't even tell they are pregnant!!

Charlie with Grandaddy and Bon Bon

Precious Patrick d'Hemecourt and Charlie saying "Hi" to one another
Beautiful Underhill Twins- Quinn and Grayson

Party Girl passed out...Poor baby, the party wore her out! She had a ball and is very blessed to have so many people who love her!!


It's Mardi Gras Time!!

 Last weekend we took Charlie to a parade near our house (with Reese and my parents too) and Charlie had a ball! He was amazed at everything and danced with the marching bands! He loved all the beads and left with lots of great catches! We hope if this weather clears up we'll catch more parades tomorrow and on Mardi Gras day!

Wow-look at all my beads, I can barely stand up straight!

Our Family at Eve Parade

My cool light up glow stick I caught
Charlie on Pops "Pots" shoulders, amazed by all the lights and fun!

Throw me something Mister!