Kingrea Family Update

It has clearly been way too long since I have last posted!! I think it has been 6 months??!!
Last I posted Reese had just turned 2 and now she is 2-1/2!

Life is great and of course our  kids are growing like wild flowers!

My sweet boy is about to turn 4! He is getting so big and tall. He is wearing a size 11-1/2 shoe and wearing a size 5t.
He is our angel. We say he is either going to be the President or a Priest (or preacher let's hope so I can have grandkids :). He talks about God all the time and prays and preaches out loud.
He is so curious and constantly asks questions.
The other day in the car he told Craig "It's beautiful in this world. I love it...did, did God get tired after making this world?"
He loves Superheros's, building blocks, trying any type of foods. Loves "Slushie" aka "Shushi" Does not like Chocolate or cake but loves strawberry ice cream. Loves reading books and telling stories! The other night in bed he asked me mommy...do you want me to tell you a sweet story or a scary story. I of course said "sweet" and well, he went on to tell me a made up story about a Princess and a Prince. So sweet.
He pronounces Bandaid "Band abe" and Tongue "Tum"
He loves his sister (well at most times, he is upset as I type because she knocked over his tower he built). He always wants to protect her and he introduces his self as "I'm Charlie and I'm Three and this is my little sister Reesie and she is 2". If he wins something or earns a treat he always wants two so he can give to his sister! His birthday is right around the corner and he is about to start Pre-K 4!

Lily Reese:
My very strong willed, beautiful, tough as nails, sweet, spirited little girl! She has been a lot tougher during her 2's then Charlie ever was. Praise the Lord she is growing out of the terrible twos some!
We are working on potty training. Everyone says its a lot easier with girls, oh no, no, not with this one little girl. She is doing better and is so proud when she goes that she carries her potty around the house for all of us to see!
She absolutely loves Make-up and Baby dolls! She will try to steal my make-up and is so happy holding her own lip stick! Her favorite babies are baby Lily and baby Bear and she strolls them around the house. She is a girly girl!
Reese is rough and tough with her brother and loves him to pieces!
She is talking so well and is so funny. She always tries to get her way. She loves chuck e cheese and chick fil a playground.
Reese and Charlie are at the same Pre-school right near each other and it makes me happy that they see each other all the time and play with each other on the playground when they can! She is well protected.
Reese is a firecracker and love her so so much!

Here are a few recent pics from our Beach Trip: