Special Time

It was a bitter sweet week last week. Charlie doesn't start his little school until end of August so we have a few weeks that he is in limbo before school starts. Off to Granddaddy's Charlie went for "vacation" as Charlie would say, and that it was! They went to the zoo, to see airplanes, rode on the tractor, went to Slinky's, you name it- they did it. Charlie had the best time. He was in Alexandria LA so it's 3 hours from us and it was sad without him here.
When he came home he was so precious and so happy to see us.

We had some very special time with Miss Lily! She is full of personality and into way more then Charlie ever was...she is such a handful!!
-Her favorite place is my bathroom, pulling out everything from my drawers.
-She loves reading books "boops"and her favorite right now is Gossie about a duck with red boots.
-When she is tired she will let you know and she lays her baby (blanket that she can not live without) down and she will lay on it with her little booty up in the air.
- her favorite food lately is string beans.
-When she is sad after being corrected she puts out her bottom lip and then starts wailing. Very dramatic and emotional (not sure where she got this from..ha..yes, her mom)!
- She is talking a lot lately, her favorite word is still No, Lola, mommydaddy, baby and cookie.
-Her smile lights up our world

Cute as a button
Trying her best to wake up Daddy
(instead of mommy stopping her I took pictures- poor Craig)

Up close sad face
Daddy making it all better
Messing up all the channels on the remote
Fishy Kiss 
My monster- he is going to be a Big Boy!
 A few weekends ago we had the Craig family over. Craig's mom side of the family. Uncle Chris and Aunt Sherry were in from Dallas so we had a little get together. It was fun although we missed all the cousins who couldn't be there! Charlie just loved Christopher, the youngest of Craig's cousins. When it was time for Charlie to change for bed he wanted to dress like "that big boy" so cute!
Charlie and Christopher
Lily Reese loved her Great uncle's! Kisses to Uncle Chris.

Having fun with Great Uncle Mike
The brother's and Erin (sweet friend of the family). We are missing the sisters in this pic!
Craig's mom Cathy and Aunt Cheryl (Nanan, Reese's nanny)


Our Days...

After Craig got of work Friday (week of the 4th) we drove to visit our friends and my wonderful, sweet, beautiful roommate from college...Heather Gibson and their precious family of 5. It was a very short visit but we had a blast! They live in an incredible neighborhood called Reunion in Madison MS. We went on many golf cart rides, went to the pool, beach, and out on a boat ride on the lake where Craig learned how to wake board! We had dinner at their country club and had a blast visiting with friends. The Beckett's (friends from college as well) live in the same neighborhood and we got to see their precious girls and hang out with everyone till the wee hours catching up!
Charlie and Bella

Daddy and Lily Reese

Reese getting her Liam lovin'
Reese and Liam where born on the same day just hours apart!
Swwet Gibson family

Daddy with his angel

Liam and Reese.
Reese wasn't very in to her life vest!

Loving the sand!

Charlie and Halle enjoying the wind and water

Mommy and Reese

Also, the Gibson's started a new little business on the side- HaLiBel designs. They hand make wood frames of every size, trays, and etc and paint them. They are awesome!! I took a few things home with me and I love everything. Here is a picture of my new tray. If you all want anything you can check them out at http://halibeldesigns.blogspot.com/

Besides that we have just been hanging out trying to soak up all the time we can this summer with our sweet babies who are growing with leaps and bounds. Charlie has been eating like a horse and has gotten so very tall. Reese is as cute as a button, cracking us up, and running our world =)

Treasure week at summer camp- "Argh mak'ee" as Charlie says
Having fun jumping
Our favorite Lola who brightens our world every morning!
Charlie and Reese adore her more then you can imagine!


Happy Birthday America! We spent the fourth at the gym in the morning and then at Uncle Clay's parents boat house on Bayou Lacombe with Uncle Clay, Molly, Lola and Mame' oh and our dogs =). It was a perfect and relaxing day (and nice to be off work)!Uncle Clay grilled and we brought our special 4th of July dessert and watermelon. Mame' spent the day with us too. We spent time in the pool, eating tons, and boat ride on the bayou. Clay's parents just built an awesome play yard for all their grandchildren. It is a m a z i n g! I wish I had pictures. There is a play house that is a replica of their lake house and has a cool slide and swings and its own picket fence. The kids had a ball! Reese has NO fear of the water (which is a bit scary) and Charlie is still hesitant. We hope to get him in swim lessons soon.

Our Sweet Nephews Ty and Cruz enjoying the 4th in Aspen!! We miss them so very much!!
I mean, how darn cute are they!!


Long day at Summer Camp

My sweet boy had a long day! He never passes out before we get him in bed to read books. Tonight he climbed in Daddy's arms on the sofa, and before Craig could get up to walk him to his room, Charlie was passed out. So sweet!
Charlie made my afternoon, when I picked him up today, he screamed and ran to me "mommy mommy", and looked around to make sure everyone was looking.
I took him for a much needed haircut today, he did so good, asked the stylist a million questions and he was so excited to get a sucker. Charlie is growing so fast- his 3rd birthday is right around the corner. He is getting so big and tall and always tells me, "mommy Im getting so big" (please stop reminding me son because Im not ready for you to get so big =).  He is so smart and amazes us everyday!

Reese's Surgery

It's over! Last Thursday Reese got tubes and her adenoids removed! She was such a little trooper! Charlie stayed at CZ's the night before since we had to be at the hospital so early. I could hardly sleep. I know kids get these all the time but I had a hard time knowing Reese was going under! We got to the Hospital at 6am, the procedure was at at 7am and we were home by 9:30. The had to give her an IV and some pain med before she left us...so before she left, she was loving the doc. However, when surgery was over you could hear her for miles down the hall screaming. It made mama cry! I knew it was from the anesthesia and they warned us. She was so disoriented and confused.
By the afternoon, after good rest, she was acting like herself again. She is now doing awesome and the doc said that everything should be clear to her now and she no longer feels like her ears are filled with water. That makes me happy.

Off to surgery
Getting her IV with Daddy before leaving us

Feeling better- Popsicles on the porch

The weekend before Reese's Surgery was Matthew Combs 3rd birthday. The kids (and adults =) had a ball! Chris "Parrain"- Charlie's Godfather- took the boys down the slide. Charlie loved it!
(Look at the adults lined up for the slide- ha)

Reese didn't care for the slide but LOVED the blue cupcakes!
She screamed when we tried to take it from her so that we could clean her face!
Sleeping Beauty