Big Brother and Baby Reese

Charlie is now realizing that this new baby is for real! I think he wants her back in mommy's belly...ha. Really, he is adjusting great and says "Baby Reese" and gives her kisses. We are back at home now and mommy and baby are doing well. Reese is an angel!

Is this for real? Is she coming home with us?

"Baby Reese is so pretty."

Givin Lovin.

I'm Here World watch out!

Head full of dark hair just like her brother.
Baby Lily Reese and Charlie.

Daddy and Baby.

In Love.



After waiting 40 long weeks (Kristin's weeks were longer than mine), we welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the Kingrea family. At 11:24 AM today, Lily "Reese" Kingrea was born. She weighed in at 7lbs 13oz, measured 19.5 inches long, and is beautiful. Kristin did very well today for labor and delivery, and I was astonished at her strength and ability in the midst of pain. The miracle of a baby's development and birth makes me a truly blessed man, and I thank God for all of the gifts that have graced our lives. Charlie was introduced to his baby sister this afternoon around 4:00 PM, and it was special to have our whole family together with the addition of Reese for the first time. Thanks for all of the love and support, and please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Below are some pictures of our beautiful new baby girl.

Beautiful Lily Reese

Before Delivery.

Mama and Baby Reese.

Proud Parents!

Proud Papa!

Precious baby Reese...

Welcome to the world baby sis!

Our Family!

Good night for now...thanks for all the love and support. Reese looks forward to meeting y'all!


Getting Ready for Baby

" Mama, Baby!" Charlie loves touching my belly and saying baby. We are trying to get him ready although not sure he really knows what he is in store for!!
 Kisses to mama's belly!
38 weeks and 5 days...I was feeling terrible with discomfort and contractions a few days ago but now I'm feeling good and counting down!
That's what they say...the waters get rough and then there is a calm before the storm..haha.. We'll soon see...
 Keep us in your prayers!
xo- kingrea's


Poor Angel

Charlie has RSV. He started running fever on Wednesday night and I took him into the doc on Thursday afternoon after I received a call at work from my mother in law saying that it spiked up again. I took him in and he started throwing up; they took a swab of his nose, throat and looked in his ears (all while he was screaming with fever), they gave him Motrin suppository, pricked his finger and diagnosed our baby with RSV! The nurse and doc were awesome and wanted to keep us there to make sure Charlie didn't need to go to ER or anything. I was so nervous... this was the first big sick scare for us. Charlie was just so sad and pitiful and wanted to just cuddle on me. On top of this, I was also sick all week (but started feeling better Saturday thank God) Charlie is doing much better, finally liking his nebulizer treatments...and we are all trying to stay well before baby comes any day now!! Keep us in your prayers for a healthy and happy baby!!


wordless wednesday

"good morning mama"- charlie woke up wanting his rain boots on.
have a happy day!


Merry Christmas & HAPPY 2011!

Christmas was wonderful! Charlie was too cute and very animated as always, he opened his presents saying "OH WOW". We had lots of family time and relaxation with both the Zetzmann's and Dugger's and enjoyed every minute of it.

For New Year's Aunt Molly hung out with Charlie (since Uncle Clay was out of town) and we went to a nice dinner and then relaxed on the sofa (we are so wild!!)-but it was the best way to ring in the new year with my husband ever!
Now we are just busy preparing for baby and I am getting uncomfortable and ready (I'm 37 weeks) We are very anxious to meet your little baby-boy OR girl ???- and we know Charlie will be such a great big brother. He sees all the baby stuff around him and my growing belly and is constantly saying "Baby". He is such a love.

Hope you all Have a Healthy and Happy 2011!
May your ups outweigh your downs.
May your smiles outweigh your frowns.
May you always feel as young as you are today.
May your faith and joy in life prosper in every way.
May the words that you write and the things you say in 2011,
grant you love and peace from Our Father in Heaven!

Christmas Morning- Cheese... Charlie with his elf "Ha't" and  Dumbo.


Handsome Boy wearing his "booots"- (he is obsessed with boots)!

Charlie's new plasma car from Mame' and Pops

New Shirt from Aunt Molly

Loving his Elephant
Precious Monkey- HAPPY NEW YEAR!