Happy Wednesday!

Ice Cream Parlor Party for doing so well on the potty!
Sharing with his sissy!

Joe Cool Charlie


Beautiful Lola Photos

How precious is our sweet niece! Charlie and Reese adore her! Reese says "baaabe" and Charlie always calls Aunt Molly and says "what's baby Lola doing"? We just love her!


Happy Easter 2012

We had a wonderful Easter this year! Charlie is now at an age where he understands that the bunny is watching him and if he is good he will deliver lots of candy!! Most importantly we taught him the Easter story of Jesus and he would listen to us with such amazement and you can tell his little brain was just thinking away! Reese on the other hand doesn't quite understand but what we quickly realized is that this little bunny loves some candy!! Brooke, Jason, and the boys all came in town so we truly had a wonderful time hanging out with the whole family! It was so fun! The boys (cousins) all play so well together and we can just watch and laugh at what they come up with! Baby Lola had her first Easter and she was a little angel, just so beautiful and sweet! On Good Friday we all had off so we decided to do family photos at Fontainebleau State park. It was eventful but think we got a few keepers (our photographer is the best and ever so patient). And during pictures Ty announced that his Mommy was "having a baby"! We are thrilled! Will it be boy number 3 or their first girl? They are keeping it a surprise!
Our sweet Family
Dugger's, Paulin's, Koenig's and Kingreas


Sweet Kiddo's

Pops and Lily Reese

Lily Reese and Mommy

Ty with Baby Lola (he is going to love having a baby soon).

Happy Easter!

Giving Sugar!

Rocking at our family crawfish boil at our house

Happy First Easter my love!

Aunt Brooke and baby Lola

Grandaddy being Silly with Charlie

Great Grandmother Margy feeding Reese. She loves her Margy!!

Boys being silly with Uncle Jason

Uncle Jason is about to get them!

Easter Morning, our little bunny digging right in!

Its not Easter without Peeps!

Enjoying Easter morning together before church.

Beautiful girl playing with trucks!

Reese loving Lola!

Easter egg hunt at Mame and Pops Easter day

Playing with water guns at Mame and Pops. They had a ball together!

My two handsome boys!
The Wednesday before Easter Craig and I returned from our cruise! It was wonderful! The cruise ship was the Seven Seas Navigator and it was amazing! We had a huge room with balcony, walk in closet, bathroom with tub and shower, sitting area, stocked bar and 24 hour room service (which we totally took advantage of with breakfast sent to our room every morning)! The food was incredible. The ports were a blast (Bahamas, Turks and Key West). Kimball Office did an amazing job with everything and we were so blessed to have this opportunity!
We were so excited when we got to the airport on the first day, we went straight to the bar for a beer, but we realized that afternoon (once we were on the ship) that we left our camera and video camera at the airport (with no name on the bag)! We were sick about it.
Bad News= no camera the whole trip.
Good News= 5 days later when we returned to the airport we went straight to lost and found and someone had turned it in!! Can't explain how happy we were especially realizing there are good people in the world! =)
Will post a few pics from my phone in a later post.
Cheers for now!