Fall Happenings

Where does the time go! This month seems to be flashing past us! I don't know about you all but we just can not get over that Thanksgiving is here (which means Christmas is right around the corner..ahh). This is my very busy time at work so things have been a bit hectic. We are also finally painting the exterior of our house. We are thrilled! It was brown stucco and brick and it is all changing to cream!! We are also painting the trim in a soft gray & we are putting up shutters that are being painted a pretty warm gray. I also found very cool light fixtures at an estate sale that we will put up. It is all coming together.
Let's see ... over the past month Craig was invited to the LSU Bama game by his boyfriend friend, Mikey! The # 1 and #2 team playing and they got to stand on the field next to the tigers! Craig was so pumped and had a great time. Thank you Mikey! We have had birthday parties, football parties, baby showers, Brooke and Cruz in town to visit, visits to great grandma Margy's house, and a very exciting night finding out that we will be an aunt and uncle to a NIECE!!!
We hope everyone has a Blessed Thanksgiving week!
Our sweet and calm baby is turning into a Wild child!
Climbing Mt.Daddy
Me and My Aunt Brooke who I miss so much!
Lil Chipmunk.
If we go to a restaurant, we put rice or peas in front of her and it keeps her occupied and happy!
Loving My Sis!
Charlie tries to hug and pick up Reese constantly. He is so sweet and loves her so much!
Dr. Charlie is passed out!
Caught you again... your favorite place- Maysie's kennel!
Charlie and Cruz. They adore each other and have so much fun together!
We just wish Ty could have been in town too!
Say Cheese! Sweet baby Cruz!
Pushing and walking behind her Lion!
This mirror is so pretty!! =)
Having  a blast playing at the discovery center for Cousin Blake's 3rd birthday (my cousin's son).
Dr. Charlie at it again- always trying to make people better and kiss bobo's.
Discovery Center for Blake's bday.
Visiting my Great Grandmother Margy. I love her!
Reading books with Grandaddy at Margy's house.
Napping in my seat at Margy's.
Charlie biting into the cupcake to see if it's pink or blue.
Excited Parents to be!
Sneaking off at the restaurant to finish his cupcake!
When we asked Charlie what we should name the baby girl he said...Red!


Our Lil Heart.

Lily Reese caught in the act of sitting still for 2 seconds. I thought this was too cute so had to share!
She is such a heart!
She is eating like Lil Miss Piggie (and screams after we feed her always wanting more ,which we give her but as soon as we walk to the sink, she screams for even more food-keeps us laughing). She is on the move constantly (mostly going straight for Maysie's Kennel), and walking behind push toys.
She loves her thumb and I think it is precious!
She is growing too fast!!!!


The Tiger & The Hare

We had a wonderful "Calloween" (as Charlie says it) weekend filled with many fun festivities!
-We started Saturday morning in the cold, all bundled up, for a Pumpkin patch race where precious and pregnant Aunt Molly and I ran with the babies while Mame' worked the race. We hung around after for the Pumpkin patch and pumpkin painting!
-Sunday we went to a "trunk or treating" at St. Timothy's where Charlie goes to school. They had everything fun for the kids, including a hay ride which Charlie loved (he even got to sit on the tractor)!
-Halloween night we had people over for fun and food at our house! Reese was so excited on the wagon ride through the neighborhood & Charlie had the trick or treating down pack (Charlie wanted to go in everyone's house which had us cracking up- we took funny videos).
They were so cute and it was a great Halloween!

Precious Lil Fighting Tiger with his Sweet Bunny
Sweet Bunny

Hi Guys!
Have you ever seen anything cuter then this ;)
Lily Reese with her Grandma's (Mame' and CZ)

Mame' and tired Reese
Time to call it a night Lil Tiger!
Passed out lil candy corn!
On the Hayride with Dada.

Look mama- "Pumkins"

Aunt Molly and Reese

Mame' and Charlie after he painted his pumpkin

Cute as a bunny!

Giving Sugar.

Reese was putting all the yucky gourds in her mouth!

Charlie: Enough with the Pictures
Reese: Y'all are cracking me up

Pumpkins anyone?

Silly Lil Monkey!

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Looking Cute in my hat from Aunt Molly
(probably the ONLY purple and gold Aunt Molly will ever  purchase)