Monster Mash

Gearing up for Halloween Aunt Molly and I took the kids to Monster Mash at Boga Falaya Park while the guys stayed back watching the football game.
We dressed the kids up for a day of games, crafts and fun. It started off very cool and quickly started to feel like July weather. Luckily we had extra clothes to strip the kids down. Lola was a trooper and Charlie and Reese had a ball.

My handsome Fireman
He is putting out a fire!
Look how tall my baby is getting- you would think he was 5!

Cutest little strawberry I have ever seen!

Having fun on the slide. Charlie and Reese also did the bounce house which they loved and were cracking up the whole time. I had to drag them out

Face painting. Charlie wanted a shark!

Cookie decorating

Butterfly face paint and enjoying her cookie.

Even a visit with darth vader
Aunt Molly and baby Lola. Lola was pooped!
Daddy got me this "sweeter then candy" shirt and outfit!
Twirling in her tutu while holding the water hose

Ready for bed after a long day!

Cute lil pupkin!
Ty and Cruz at the pumpkin patch in Colorado


October Beach Trip

We had our annual beach trip with the Combs Family a few weeks ago. They have 4 precious kids and us 2 kids so it is always eventful having us all together in one condo. We have the best time! We went to Destin to Chris's uncle's condo which was awesome!
We were nervous that it was going to be too cold being that it was mid October but the weather was perfect! The first day there was absolutely no waves, the kids could just run out and it kept us from worrying as much! It was just over a long weekend, but a nice break to spend time together and get away!

Pretty girl ready to hit the beach
Handsome boy with silly hat
Kaylee, Michelle and Chris
Got to visit one of very best friends Mandi while we were in Destin! We stayed at her house one night and got to meet precious baby Tripp- 8 months- and see Mandi's growing belly- baby number 2 on the way!!
They live on 30A in Santa Rosa right across the street from the beach- THE LIFE!!

Precious WIlliam 
Reese in the baby pool with Matthew having fun
Reese gets very tired at the beach and there is not a better place then Daddy's lap to take a rest
Enjoying lunch while at the shore
Ahhhh...the life!
Daddy and Charlie
Charlie and Matthew making sand angels...too funny
Charlie and Matthew watching Craig make his sand alligater
Perfection- the alligator (and daddy =)
Happy playing with the sunscreen stick

Best Buds

While we were in Destin- Brooke, Jason and boys were in Hawaii. They went there for Business (how nice) and My mom flew there to help with kids and soak in the sun. Dad was working so he couldn't make it (so we thought) but he surprised them there!
Jason, Cruz and Ty in Hawaii
Aunt brooks and baby sporting it in Hawaii! How cute is she!!!
Enjoying Hawaii- how beautiful!
Back home and pooped!
Reading books to each other.


October Fun

I love October! The weather, football, birthdays and festivals! What more could you ask for!
It has been a while since I posted last...We have had lots going on keeping us busy with not much time to post. I have pictures on our camera, my phone and craig's phone and I am trying hard to organize everything =)
Before more time gets away from me here is a little that has been going on with us!

Daddy's 32 birthday! October 10th
We celebrated at home with cake and then Craig and I went to a nice dinner while my sweet mom babysat.
I got Craig a light for his Glocke Gun...boys! He was so excited!

St Tammany Parish Fair:
I thought it would be fun to take the kids to the fair to see the animals. We met up with aunt molly and lola. It started off beautifully but got very hot! The kids loved the animals and we did a few rides! Charlie wanted to go on the ferris wheel- I could not believe it! So mama took him and he was more brave then I was. I forgot how high up those things went. It was much different experiencing it with a child. I couldn't wait to get off to make 100%certain my angel was safe on the ground!
Pony Ride at Fair

"Hi down there"

Mother's Tea and Father's Night- Charlie's class:
The teacher's invited the mothers to the class during the day and the father's at night. The kids showed us the classroom and sang songs and etc. It was so cute. It started at 12:30 for me and I got there around 12:31 Charlie lit up when he saw me and was all smiles the whole time. However, it looked like I was the only mom late by 1 minute and charlie looked over and asked "mommy, did you get stopped at a red light" I almost laughed out loud but looked at him, smiled and said "yes baby"

So proud to have daddy to his classoom

Charlie's class. Look at the precious little girl next to charlie pouting- too funny!
Charlie and his friend Andrus (not too excited about taking a picture)
Underhill Twin's birthday Party:
My good friend Jamie's twins (Grayson and Quinn) turned two and they celebrated with the Zoo to you coming to the house. Charlie was absolutely in heaven!! He even helped carry each animal to the truck when they had to leave. Reese on the other hand cracked me up- she did not like the animals so much- she was a little scared!

We also had our annual beach trip with the Comb's family a few weeks ago. 
We had so much fun and I will post those pictures next!