Reese's 1st Haircut

It was time for Reese to get get a haircut so we went to Pigtails and Crewcuts. Reese picked the "Lellow" car and did great, well until she had enough then the tears started and she was crying for mama. I was so worried those curls would be cut off for good but they bounced back! 
Charlie (after watching Reese) had to get his cut too but he wanted the Red Airplane so we waited 30 minutes until it was the turn for the airplane! :)
Reese's hair is shorter but much needed and precious!



Presley Jane Paulin
Yes, my sweet sister had a Girl!!! After having two boys Ty (5) and Cruz (3) they had a little girl! 
We could not be happier! Between my sisters and I we had 3 boys in a row, now 3 girls! Her big Brothers are besides themselves! We can not wait to get our hands on precious Presley! We will be there for Christmas!


Fireman Charlie & His Dalmatian Puppy-Halloween 2012

We had a nice Halloween spent with friends and family in our neighborhood. Charlie wanted to be a scary monster, Police Man, batman and finally decided on a Fireman and referred to Reese as "My fireman puppy"!
Charlie was very excited this year to help hand out candy and would scream "someone is at the door knob"! One time Reese started walking off from our front door with a family and Charlie screamed "Reese come back that is not your family, if you go to sleep with them you will be scared"! Hilarious!
He also of course loved getting candy of his own and enjoyed running up to houses with Reese, William (Clifford) and Maitland (Jesse from toy story).
Reese wanted everything opened as soon as she got it "can you op'n this" and her little costume was just precious on her!

Reese, Aunt Molly, Charlie, Lola and me
Me and my Sweet Strawberry Niece
Puppy feeding the her favorite little Strawberry

Pops and Reese
Loving her candy
Most handsome, strong fireman I have ever seen
My sweet and helpful mother with her youngest grand baby 
Maitland Popham (Jesse) and Charlie
Clay and Craig in background
Happy Halloween!
Jackie the Witch
My Favorite Picture!
Daddy and his tired puppy
Annabelle Popham the gnome
Our Neighbor Mr. Ken showing Charlie a picture of his Grandfather
who was Fireman Chief of New Orleans- very cool!
My Sweet Angels at the end of trick or treating