Beautiful Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend! I am happy to say we did not have one thing planned! We did lots of hanging out, playing outside and yard work. It was a beautiful weekend!

Craig treated Charlie to a blue ice cream (see pic below...too cute) while Reese loved riding on all of charlie's riding toys! Now that she is interested in this, looks like its time to get her something more girly!
Reese is cracking us up, talking more and more, and when we are out and about,  anyone who pays her any attention she waves and says "Hi Daddy". It is too funny!

Craig and I leave Thursday for a cruise that I won through work. We leave out of Ft. Lauderdale and cruise to Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, and Key West. We are really excited and it is much needed!! It will be really sad leaving our babies behind but they are in great hands with our families...we are so blessed!

Cheers, K


The Three Little Pigs/ Thank you Jesus

This is the book we have been reading with Charlie. He loves it. When we say Charlie what does the big bad Woolf say, he says "I'll Huff and I'll Tuff and I will blow your house away". It is so funny!

Funny Charlie story for the day...
I have been listening to some rap lately only because I was training for the half marathon and needed lots of music that would keep me going =). So one of the songs is "Like a G6, Like a G6, I'm feeling so fly like a G6". Charlie heard it (and mama kinda taught him the words) and out of the blue he will break out in song and dance singing "Like a G6, Like a G6" It's been cracking us up!
Well we heard today that Charlie was the hit at school with all his teachers! He pulled the guitar off the shelf and started singing to everyone! His teachers loved it and told us he was singing "Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus"! ha ha. Little did they know that was NOT what he was singing! Ha. When we heard about this Craig and I lost it in hysterics. So, we are now trying to convert the song in our house to"Thank you Jesus"!

Loving his book.
He loves naming the pigs family names!
Singing and Dancing!
Also, I could not post without talking about sweet Reese. She is growing like a weed and surprises us everyday with her new words, laughter and love. She is completely walking so we are having some bumps and bruises. She loves to give kisses "mmmmma"! She is always holding her hands up to us asking us to "o me"= hold me. Love this little bug!


Mardi Gras 2012

We had a wonderful Carnival Season. We stayed local and took the kids out to a few parades. The Combs crew had us over, along with many others to their office space in covington for 2 parades, fun for adults and kiddos! It was Reese's first Mardi Gras and Charlie's second. They had a ball. Reese was smiling and raising her hands in the air and Charlie just stared in amazement at everything. Charlie was screaming the classic "throw me something mister" and he loved his horn that daddy bought him and brought it everywhere for a few weeks. We still have beads and loot all over the house, true evidence of a great Mardi Gras!

"Mardi Gras Mambo...down in New Orleans"

Daddy and his little Mardi Gras Queen

Throw me somethin' Mister!
Charlie on Pop's shoulders with Mame' helping

Reese, Anna Grace and Emry getting ready for the parade

Mardi Gras day and all dressed up...
Charlie and his buddy Mason Senette dancing and blowing their horns! Too cute!

Hump Day

Reese found a way to take off her pants and diaper.
 This is how I found her in the playroom.

Played so hard!


Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon New Orleans

A beautiful day today completing a 13.1 mile run throughout New Orleans.
The weather conditions could not have been better!
Craig and I were going to run together but unfortunately he has an injury so I ran with my Dad for 7 miles until he took off. My mom also ran it! I am so proud of both of my parents!
I was happy with my time 8:30 min mile pace and just happy to have finished! Craig and the babies came to meet us and we had fun at the after party dancing to Rockin' Dopsie! They were awesome and the kids had a ball! We celebrated after eating at R and O's (one of our favorite Po-Boy places from when we lived in New Orleans).
After the race... 
Dancing to the band! So cute!
Excuse the lady in the background..ha!

Reese's new thing is "Horray" and she raises her hands in the air!
She is saying hurray to Mame', Pops and her Mommy!

We have a sweet NIECE!!

Baby Lola Jane Koenig was born February 29th at 6:31pm! 6lb 15oz. She is a leap year baby! Pops is calling her "Leaping Lola" haha
She is so very Beautiful!! Baby and mommy are doing great!!
Charlie was so cute when he met her, he said "Hi baby Lola, my name is Charlie".
They are home now enjoying the little family of three!!

Proud Papa!

Charlie kissing baby Lola a few days before she made her grand entrance to the world!

Welcome to the world our Love!

Giving Loving to his new cousin