Hurricane Isaac

Hurricane Issac has been pushing through slowly bringing LOTS of rain, flooding and some damage! So far we have been out of harms way and so have our families.
Unfortunately Poor Uncle Clay's family got 6 feet of water in their place in Lacombe!!
And our neighbors woke this morning with an oak tree in their bathroom!
Both my parents and Craig's have been out of power, have flooding around their house, and trees down.
The flooding is terrible in old Mandeville and Madisonville!
We started to prepare on Tuesday by grocery shopping, buying our first generator and putting everything from our  porches in the garage. Now, the last 48 hours we have all been stuck inside having plenty of fun with the babies and praying that this passes soon! Schools and work is closed due to flooded streets and no electricity!
We head to Gulf Shores this weekend, hopefully it will be sunny skies by then!
Please keep friends, family and anyone hurt by the storm in your prayers!

Calm before the storm

Grocery shopping before the storm

Cartoons in mommy and Daddy's bed...Reese driving Charlie crazy!

Daddy took the babies out to jump in the puddles before the storm got bad
Reading books with Daddy
Talking to Cousins in CO
Playing with baby dolls (this was my sister Brooke's when she was a baby)

Night Night babies...

Eating fruit loops!!
My kids have never had these before and we decided this would be a fun treat for them while stuck inside.
Daddy enjoyed them most we think!!
Frozen drinks for mommy and daddy!
Horrible Sites from the Storm
of some of our Favorite Areas/ places in Old Mandeville by the Lakefront.
Barley Oak- Our good friend owns this

Area where we run

Beach House- one of fav places to take the kids to eat


First Day 3 year Old Preschool

First Day at St. Timothy Preschool! Great day!
Off tomorrow and Wednesday due to Hurricane Issac!

Visiting Mrs Alexis- Charlie's teacher from last year who he loved!


Charlie is 3

Our sweet Charlie is 3! 
We celebrated all week and Charlie was so excited! We had a dinosaur birthday with LOTS of kids, relatives, friends and fun! We rented a dinosaur space jump! However...it POURED raining the whole time, which luckily didn't stop the kids from having fun (everyone ended up inside playing in Charlie's room and in the playroom). They did get to play some in the dino jump but unfortunately when we were doing the cake, the owners came and picked up the jumper in the middle of the party unexpected. We walked outside and it was gone... needless to say, we weren't very happy. Charlie didnt know the difference though and he still had a BALL!
The next day he kept asking- is my birthday party over? It was so cute.
Charlie is honestly the sweetest most wonderful joy in our lives, he is always happy and so very loving. He has a huge heart! Happy birthday our heart! We love you! 

Cutest, silliest boy in the world
Mommy trying to get a photo for his birthday invite
Showing his red tongue from his popsicle
Handsome boy is getting too big!
Mommy and Charlie
trying to stay dry from all the rain
Red dino cake (as requested from the birthday boy)
Sooo excited about his birthday song!
He had a million friends singing, which I had a better picture with all the kiddos.
Yay for Charlie!
Enjoying the delicious cake
Happy birthday kiss from Lola!
Sweet Aunt Molly and Baby Lola- "Yoya"
Pretty girl enjoying all the fun
Cousin Blake taking a ride on Charlie's Dinosaur
the kids loved this
August 13th- happy birthday breakfast with Mommy, Daddy and Reese
Opened his present...a Spiderman Scooter and helmet!

Birthday Cake with Mame' and CZ!
Lola enjoying the fun at Charlie's 3rd birthday
She is just a beautiful gerber baby!
Sweet Cousin's obsessed with baby "Yoya"
Poor little Lola
Hoyer and Charlie!
Hoyer was in town from Japan with his new and precious baby brother charlie
Dino eggs and Flowers

Favors- Dino Chow (pretzels, raisons, gummy worms and nuts)

Enjoying Uncle Clay and Aunt Molly's jump house

We love our Uncle Clay

Charlie's best Bud Matthew

Combs family stayed late and helped us open Charlie's presents and play with the Nerf guns
(I think the dad's had more fun with them then the boys)