Our Baby is 2!

Charlie turned 2 on August 13th. We celebrated with a small family gathering the day of his birthday at our house. We had Charlie's birthday party at The Shiver Shack Snowballs and Water Pad at the Mandeville Trailhead. He had a ball!
Happy Birthday Baby Boy! You are our heart and soul & we love you bigger then the sky!!!
Elmo Cake- he LOVED it!
"Happy Birthday to Charlie"

You are our Sunshine!

Um Yummy! Charlie was bouncing off the wall after all the sugar!
Enjoying her Big Brother's Day!
Shiver Shack
Pressing the water button with Granddaddy
Michelle, Baby William, and Margy (Charlie's great grandmother)

Waiting to sing happy birthday and dig into the elmo cupcakes!

Loving everyone singing to him!

Good Job Bubba

Charlie and Blake enjoying the icing!

Babies (Quinn Underhill, Faith Nunmaker, Reese-worried that Quinn is crying- and Grayson Underhill)

Water Fun!

Charlie sporting his new LSU jersey from Paran, while pushing Lyla in the water features

Everyone Ready for more water?
All my birthday Presents!! Thank you to all my friends and family!!


August Beach Trip

Finally getting the chance to upload and post these. There are lots!
(Charlie is almost 2 years and Reese a little over 6 months in the pictures).

OH...The Life!

Granddaddy and Charlie

Daddy and Lily Reese

After Charlie's horrific accident the doctors told us he had to stay inside.
He found other activities he loved like cleaning the windows for over an hour! It was hilarious!!

The fan mister that he used to spray the windows.

Loving the Pool!

Sweet Sweet Angel

Daddy and Reese- evening at the beach- too precious!

Mommy and Charlie Monkey

Bon Bon Enjoying the evening!

Granddaddy and the happiest baby ever

Whoa Charlie, enough hugs!

BonBon and Charlie

BonBon and Reese

3 Generations
(David Leonard, Craig Leonard, Charles Leonard (named after his great Grandfather Charles "Leo")

Still Hugging! Loves his Daddy!!

Making Footprints in the Sand

Family Photo


Enjoying drawing in the sand!

Weeeee...Grandaddy and Charlie on our last day

Reese loving her cat naps in mommy's arms at the beach

Lovin it at the beach !
(We couldnt help but bring Charlie out to the beach on the last day)