Lily Reese and William

We have new neighbors that we finally got together with tonight and had a wonderful time!
Dana and Tom and Katie and Robert. Dana and Tom had us to their house to swim and BBQ. Katie and Robert have a precious little boy named William. William and Reese are not even a month apart.
Reese was a little kissing princess! It was hilarious...they were adorable! We may be in trouble!!


Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day weekend was filled with Fun!
Saturday one of my very best friends Heather was in town with her family and our God daughter Abbie from Maine (well they were living in Maine but now one their journey to move to NY - near Canada- to Fort Drum). Graham is in the Military so moving and deployment is always something they are dealing with! And...they are expecting number 2!
We headed to her parents house for a relaxing evening at the pool and a delicious meal of chicken and ribs- Craig loves mama Dina's cooking! It was so great seeing them and hanging out.

Daddy Relaxing
But...not for long
Heather and Abbie (and baby girl Wood in belly)
Reese looking to get more grapes from Mr. Jim that he grew himself 

Major Graham Wood
Abbie and Charlie waiting for their dinner
The next day (Father's Day) we were invited out on the Combs Family boat. 
My sweet mom kept Reese while we spent pretty much all day on the River, stopping for lunch at Friends on the river. It was nice and relaxing. Charlie had a blast with his best friend Matthew and loved his first tubing adventure!! The parents had a great time too!!

Daddy and Charlie having fun 
The crew swimming at the water hole! Minus the moms who were on the boat also enjoying father's day

On our alligator hunt- isn't it beautiful
Searching for gators...shhh
-Charlie, Lyla, and Matthew-
Best Buds
Capt Chris Combs and his Daddy Ron

Michelle, me and sweet Kaylee

I mean is this the cutest, most excited boy you have ever seen or what

-Craig, Happy Father's Day! You are the best daddy (and hubby) EVER and we are so blessed!! 
I love you/ We love you 'Bigger then the Sky'
-To my Daddy/Pops, Thank you for everything you have provided me and my sister's with in our lives, I am forever grateful! I love you more then you know and so do your 5 Grandchildren!
- To my wonderful Father-in-Laws/ Granddaddy and BZ, Thank you for raising a great son, being incredible father-in-laws and loving your Grand babies so very much!


We had a lovely time in Chicago. I had to go for work Monday- Wednesday so Craig and I decided to make a little trip of it and go up a little early to tour the windy city! It was wonderful. It is truly a city for someone in love with the Arts and Architecture as I am!
We went straight to get Chicago pizza and local beer at the famous Giordano's.  We walked all around the city, went to Navy Pier on an Architectural boat tour, went running early one morning to and around Millennium Park. My days were spent very busy at the Merchandise Mart viewing showrooms and new products with other designers in the commercial furniture world. The merchandise mart is Huge and we were worn out after the long days.
Craig took advantage of enrolling in a Physical Therapy CEU (in a town near by) and also touring Sears tower and the Field museum of natural history while I was working.
We had nice dinners with my boss Kris and designers who traveled with us from N.O., had drinks at Trump Tower and walked Rush street at night.
We sure missed our babies but they were with Craig's parents and mine so it made it easier knowing that they were very busy having fun and being spoiled!

Millennium Park- 50-foot glass block towers of flowing water.
These project the video images of 1,000 different Chicagoans.
Merchandise Mart
We walked 3 floors of showrooms in 2 days. Its Crazy big!
Millennium Park- ' The Bean'
Anish Kapoor’s interactive sculpture that sits in the center of the Park
it reflects the city's building and is amazing!

Wrigley Square and Millennium Monument (Peristyle)

Our Group at dinner one night
Navy Pier where we left for the Architectural boat tour
Craig and me at the end of Navy Pier
Beautiful view of Chicago's amazing architectural buildings
Trump Tower's entrance. It is beautiful.
Craig took this picture at the top floor of Sears Tower
Sears is the tallest building in the western hemisphere and the 3rd tallest in the world
This is Craig's foot on the sky deck of the Sear's tower, which extends 4' out from the building.
You can stand on the glass enclosed ledge and get a picture taken. I do not think I could have done that ;)
Craig at the History Museum standing in front of the fossils of Dinosaurs.
He was so amazed by these and rightfully so. Craig brought Charlie back a dino and tshirt from here
Us In front of the Bean
Craig at the Sears Tower
When we got back from Chicago we took the kids straight to our favorite water pad and to get snowballs!
Handsome boy was so happy to see us and wanted to know all about or trip
Reese enjoying the water pad
Of course we have to have our blanket "baby" in hand while sucking her thumb 
Playing with mama


Sunshine Days

Summer is here and the kids are having fun enjoying outside, playing in the water and we are working on teaching Charlie to swim! Charlie is doing Summer camp at St. Michael's while Reese is staying home with Craig's Aunt Cheryl (Reese's nanny whom we adore) with Lola. Molly started back work so she now brings Lola to us in the mornings and Lola stays for the day. Reese loves Lola and always asks where's "Yoya" when she is not around.
We had a doctor's appointment for Reese yesterday and after multiple ear infections the Doctor's have decided that she needs tubes and her adenoids removed. I am a little scared I must say (especially about the adenoid removal) but I know its for the best. The doctor said she is in pain and also that everything is muffled to her. Poor baby! She has been one tough cookie lately- "No" is her favorite word and she throws fits- major fits-I know it may be the age but I am hoping its also because she doesn't feel good and hopefully this will make her better!!
We are off to The Windy City today! I have Market- NEOCON- which is the commercial interior furniture market Monday- Wednesday so Craig and I decided to make a little vacation of it and head up early. Craig's Dad- Grandaddy and BonBon came in town to watch the babies. So sweet of them and great for us knowing they are in such good hands!
So off to Chicago we go!! Happy Weekend!!

Caught... before getting into trouble =)

Having fun in the sand box

Charlie enjoying some Lola time. Charlie is such a good big cousin!

The newest addition to the Kingrea family- Drake James.
He is just adorable and looks just like his daddy (Craig's cousin)

At Margy's, meeting Drake and celebrating BonBon's birthday.
Reese watching Bon open presents

My Angels

Thumbs up!

Thumbs up- or fingers up- Charlie just cant get this straight.

Baby Lola loves her playmat

Beautiful Aunt Molly with Lola on her first week back to work.