Busy May!

I haven't posted in a while..we have been a very busy little family adjusting to mama going back to work! I will post more soon but thought I'd share a few pics and a few funnies for now.

Funny Charlie Boy:
We were looking for Charlie only to find him in his bathroom, completely in the sink with the water running (thank GOD it was the cold water). We asked him why he did that and he said "I had to mommy!" Really charlie?? You had to?? So funny! I mean isn't that something you would say when getting in trouble in highschool, not at 21 months.
Also, Charlie is finding interest in the toilet. He came out the kitchen bathroom the other day with his whole head wet saying "Hair wet mommy!" Yes, I see that Charlie let's not do that again ok? "Ok mamma, yuck!" At least he gets it right!
He has been going into the bathroom wanting to potty, so Craig bought an Elmo potty (Elmo is his fav). This morning he brought his potty to us and wanted to potty so we sat him down and he went! Yay...So proud of him! However, hopefully will NOT start potty training anytime soon. I need a breather first..haha.
He is counting to 11 (we finally got past the 1-2-8), repeating everything, sharing great -we'll see how that changes once Reese starts taking his toys =), naming our family members and saying AMEN at prayer time, and constantly has us laughing and thanking God.

Precious Reese:
Lily Reese has been smiling up a storm, laughing out loud, rolling over (as of Mother's Day), sucking her thumb and adjusting to mommy going back to work (which was an easy adjustment for her, she just loooove's Mrs. Patti!!)
Being at work is good! I just miss my babies so much during the day but I know they are in great hands which makes us happy! Our life is busy, busy right now and sometimes feels like o-n-e  l-o-n-g continuous day where we feel like we can never get enough done and always have plans, but we wouldn't change it for the world! We are so blessed!!

Life is Rough!

Turn your head for 5 seconds and this!!

"I had to mommy"


such a Big boy

So proud of himself (and so is talking Elmo potty).