slow down baby you're growing too fast!

Craig was putting Reese down tonight and he screamed for me to come into the room...I came in and this...
Little Angel decided to pull up on her crib!! I mean weren' you just born baby- and you are now crawling and pulling up!! Slow down!!

"You Caught me!"
Yes and good thing we did! Time to drop the crib down!

Sitting up  in Charlie's chair waiting for her food!!

Jumping in her bounce seat!


Few Random Pictures

Just a few photos to share! We still have not downloaded all our beach trip pics yet but the below 2 is of Charlie's accident at the beach (taken from my phone) Some were too graphic but just wanted to show the darn fire pit and my little angel in the hospital room. He was so strong!! We kept telling him the monitor on his finger was a laser flashlight which kept him somewhat entertained =)
Anyway, the others are just cute pics of the bebe's from July!
Have a great week! We are looking forward to Labor Day weekend!!

"The Fire pit"

Sweet Strong Baby Boy (how awful!!)

Spaghetti then ice cream- what's better?

Happiest lil girl- crawling all over!

Mommy...please leave me alone, trying to keep up with brother

Brother and Sister Bonding

Working hard, taking a Milk "Nilk" break

Mame' and Me swimming!

Life is Rough! Great Aunt Jane and Lily Reese

Enjoying a smoothie before Camp
A fun night out at the Beach House for dinner. Charlie loved dancing to the band!
My adorable God Baby- William Combs-Baptized in July.


Kingrea Update

We have not written in forever!! Here is what is going on in our little life:

  • Reese is 6-1/2 months and crawling all around the house! She is the happiest baby and eating like a little piggie!
  • Charlie continues to light up our world with made up songs and his laughter that is contagious!
  • Charlie just turned 2!! On August 13th and we are having a small little birthday party for him this Saturday at the Shiver Shack Snoballs and Water Pad (at the mandeville Trailhead.) He sings the whole happy birthday song and then blows out candles in the air (he is gearing up!)
  • We went to Gulf Shores for a week August 4th-9th and had a wonderful time EXCEPT that we had a VERY traumatic ER visit! Charlie busted his lip badly and had to be put under for the doctor to stitch up his lip. Craig and I were a WRECK but Charlie stayed so strong! We were so afraid he would have truly messed up teeth and mouth BUT honestly all is great. We loved his doctor. He has healed well and he will have a cool scar to show for it (at least this is what Daddy Craig has made Mommy Kristin believe)
  • The beach was very different from years past, very busy, Reese hated it except for the last day, and Charlie couldn't be in the Sun for 3 days. Despite that, it truly was a great time to spend with the Kingrea Family!
  • We are in the process of getting granite installed (finally changing out of 70's tiled counters) it is looking great!  We have had quite a few set backs and hope to have it complete by tomorrow. I have been doing dishes and cleaning bottles in the Laundry room sink (but I can't complain- could  be worse right!)
  • Charlie is now in a big boy bed and is so proud of it! It has been about 2 months now. He started climbing/falling out of his crib so we had to bite the bullet. We had many sleepless nights of him waking up and waking into our room. We put a gate up in front of his door and he now stays in his room and sleeps through the night (well most nights =)
  • Charlie wakes up screaming "Good Morning Sunshine" that is our wake up call (no need for alarms anymore.) His first question when we get to his room is "Where is Reesie at?"
  • We are excited about Football Season and Craig has Charlie saying "WhoDat" and "Go Tigers!" We will be training for a half marathon soon - The Jazz in N.O.- to whip this mama back into shape!
  • Charlie and Lily Reese light up when they interact and it is the sweetest thing ever for Craig and I to watch.
  • Oh and AUNT MOLLY IS PREGNANT!!! She is 10 weeks! Please keep Molly, Clay and baby Koenig in your prayers!    
Lots of information but we wanted to share! I will post beach pics, birthday pics, etc soon!  Much Love to all our Friends and Family who follow us!  XO- Kristin and Craig