Lucky Girl

Today is our 5 year Anniversary!!

We met at age 14 and have been pretty much inseparable ever since for the past 15 years!
Our marriage is a testament to how great marriage can be when a couple allows God to be the center of everything.
The past 5 years have not been perfect by any stretch of the imagination. We have had our trials and struggles, but in the end we have grown more and more in love.
Craig is not just my husband, father to my son, best friend in the whole world, but he is the most amazing and wonderful man I know.

Happy Anniversary Babe!.....Wish to be with you another 100 yrs.....I love you!

A few pictures from our wedding:

Our Honeymoon- Mayan Riveria- Mexico

My sweet parents got us a night at a wonderful bed and breakfast (same place we stayed the night of our wedding). So tomorrow night Charlie is staying with MaMe' and Pops while Criag and I stay here at
Annadele's Plantation...


Charlie Santana

Charlie loves Craig's Guitar! At least once a day he finds his way to it and starts playing away! It is so freakin cute!
Hope you all have a musical weekend!