007 Reese

We have had a rough few days. Reese has been getting up every night screaming. She is cutting two teeth so we think thats what is bothering her. Poor baby. She has also been really tough to get to sleep. We have had an exhausting weekend but a good one, just staying around the house pretty much.

Tonight when we went to put Reese down to bed, she pulled a "00 Reese" as daddy calls it. 
She climbed out of her crib and she walked right in the living room! We put her back in a few minutes later, and same thing! Soooo... because we do not have rails yet on her daybed she is sleeping with Charlie tonight! Should be interesting! We are saying prayers because we need our sleep.

Our little girl is getting SO big. First day of cold weather!
Reese and Craig- first week of her little school!
So happy that Mommy and Daddy came to pick her up together.
She was screaming and running to us with a BIG smile!

He is three today!
Big brother Ty is 5 and baby Paulin (do not know the sex) will be here in November!


Geaux Tigers

We decided to take the kids out to the LSU game last Saturday! It was beautiful weather! We headed out at nap time and drove to BR .
We met up with friends, visited Mike the Tigers habitat, saw the marching band, the kids ran around and played. The kids had fun! For us it was work (but we expected that)!
Craig wanted to take Charlie to experience half of the game in Tiger stadium with Collin and Clay, Brett and Parker, and Mikey and Henry. Reese and I headed to grab dinner and coffee and then went to Margy's (Craig's grandmother's) until we got word that we needed to pick up Craig and Charlie.

Our family decked out in Tiger gear

Water break

All the kids by the Tiger
Henry Nunmaker, Clay Sims, Parker Szczepanski, Hannah Nunmaker, Reese and Charlie

Daddy and his babies

Looking for Mike the Tiger

Mamma and Lily Reese

Clay and Collin

Headed to the Stadium

Our little tom boy. She loves football!

Sunday we dressed the kids in Saints gear, headed to church and watched the game from home!
At least one of our teams won!!

Sibling love

My silly boy
And after naps Charlie wanted to help clean the kitchen. He is so funny and loves to help clean!
Although when I looked in the sink, he had taken all the sippie cups from the sippie cup drawer and dumped them in the sink trying to help!


Precious Morning

I went for an early workout this morning. On my way driving home from the gym Craig texted me the following which melted me...
"After breakfast I turned on cartoons and while I was fixing Charlie's lunch they got Quiet. I walked into the playroom and see this"


Beach Trip 2012

Our beach trip was a wonderful time! We didn't know what to expect since Issac had just rolled though 2 days before but we found a condo in Orange Beach last minute for an extended weekend, it was on the beach, and it was just perfect and so was the weather. The kids had the best time and loved every minute of the water and sand. The played hard, napped good, we cooked in and relaxed! Mame' came to meet us for two nights. We really enjoyed having her with us! We were busy, busy. Craig said it best...its not vacation anymore it's "trips"..ha..with young kids isn't that the truth.
I could not believe how both our kids had NO FEAR!! They were crazy about the waves, chased the birds, enjoyed the sand. We can't wait to go back!

Chasing birds

Ring around the Rosie- Reese's favorite even at the beach

Had to bring "baby" down to the beach

So sweet

Lily Reese, Mame' and Charlie

Drawing in the sand
Silly boy throwing sand and shells

Always time for a kiss for Daddy

My favorite people!

View of our  Condo

Me and my babies!

Whoa- did you see that mommy!

If we didn't stop her, she'd keep going!

Loved the water hose!
Great time!
Leaving the salt life for the humid life of LOUISIANA!