Six Month Stats

Our little Angel is 6 months! We had his 6 month check up last week.
Here are his stats...
Weight: 18 lb 14 oz ( 75%)
Height: 29 " (100%)
Charlie is crawling tons, sits up unsupported so well, is already trying to pull up on things, picks up objects (& is still putting everything in his mouth), laughs out loud and always smiling. He loves jumping in his jonny jump up, loves mango and avacdo and oatmeal, he is eating and drinking like a champ, babbling tons, and most importantly reconizes who mommy and daddy are!
He is our world and we are loving every minute of being parents! This is such a fun age!
                                                                     My lil ducky
At his check up- flirting with Doc!


Believe Dat!

Craig and I Witnessed History! Yes- Craig got us tickets to the Super Bowl!! What did I say? I knew (no matter what) he was going to find a way to get us there...His dream! And after 43 years of Saints struggling- we were blessed to be in Sun Life Stadium watching the Big Game! It was amazing!

The weekend was incredible- despite the fact that we left Charlie for the first time in 6 months. My heart felt like it was breaking when we left. However we knew he was in great hands with Mame and Pops which made it much easier to leave for a long weekend!
(Oh and a side note- I am still nursing so I had to tote around by breast pump everywhere and it was checked at security everytime- that was not so fun!)
Ok- Anyway, we got to Miami late Friday night. Kathleen and Kyle Benefield were so generous to let us stay at their apartment in Coral Gables which was very nice and very convienient to Sounth Beach! We woke up early Saturday morning and went jogging down Lincoln Ave, South Beach and Ocean Dr.... It was beautiful! We saw all the press (including ESPN) setting up on the beach, and all the hotels, restaurants and bars preparing for a fun day and night with the Who Dat Nation- Who Dats out numbered Colts fans at least 30 to 1! We toured some of the hotels in the Art Deco district and grabbed brunch and Bloody Mary's. We then took a drive to the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables- an absolute beautiful hotel. We sat by the pool and sipped Mojitos. That night we went to dinner and met up with some friends and went out for a while. It was a blast.
Super Bowl Sunday Craig, Andre and I got all decked out in Saints gear and went to Hang out and have lunch with the fans on South Beach before heading to the game.

The game was incredible! The crowd exploded after Shockey's touchdown and, minutes later, Porter's interception had the entire stadium of Saints fans jumping up and down, spilling thier $10 beers, and hugging one another! Hallelujah!! 31- 17 in Super Bowl XLIV- WE DID IT! It was an expierience we will never forget!

It meant so much more then football to us, all the fans and the City of New Orleans!


Me and Craig after the WIN!

Tom Benson and the Lombardi Trophy!
Drew and Sean Payton
Andre, craig and me on South Beach getting ready for the game!

The Who - Halftime Show- Incredible!

Biltmore - Drinking Mojitos by the pool


Charlie and Daddy

SO MUCH exciting stuff going on that I haven't posted lately - I will soon!
In the meantime, here are some cute pics of my two favorite boys in the whole world!!