Lily Reese Turns 2!!

I can not even believe our baby girl is now 2! With the second child time slips by just so fast.
I guess it's with help of Big Brother showing her the ropes and teaching her so many things that our little baby is growing too fast!
Our Miss Reese: 
Miss Independent- Miss Beautiful, Miss Manipulator, Miss Strong-Willed- Miss Spirited- Miss Daddy's Girl. You are our Angel and we love you to pieces!
Into everything these days! Especially Mommy's make-up. I never thought I would have such a Girly Girl but I have her! Loves makeup, dolls, bows, dress up, flowers and could go on! 
She is one tough cookie but also one little love bug!
We had a small birthday celebration at home to start her week (cake for breakfast =) and that afternoon at the park with just the 4 of us. The next day we went to Margy's house where we had a joint celebration of Margy's 86th and Reese's 2nd. We enjoyed the birthdays with lots of family! The following weekend, we had her birthday party at her favorite place- The Park! Since it was Mardi Gras weekend- we kept that the theme. She had a ball!
Mommy: "Reese what do you want for your birthday"? Reese: "CAKE"!
Happy birthday our little LOVE!

Caught you!!

so sweet that Charlie!
Showing off lipstick
Sooo Excited about getting makeup!
Love this!
My man! So happy to celebrate Reese's day!

Birthday at the Park!
Best family pic we got this day!
Mardi Gras themed cake
And of course had to have king cake too!!

LR and BonBon
New pink bike from MaeMae and Pops!
my cousins's kids- Charlie and Reese's second cousin's
Silly Pops!
me and my birthday girl
"I bo out candle mama"

My best friends (from highschool) little girls
Emry(2), Grayson(2) and Reese (2)
the would not sit still!
Aunt Molly and Lola
Pops, LR and Grandaddy
Flirting with Uncle Tommy
Landry, Bruce, Lola, Uncle Clay, Reese and Craig

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  1. Happy Birthday sweet girl. You are such a joy and so much fun. I am obsessed with everything you say and do. You are just like your momma. I love you to the moon and back.